Rules for Parents

By Amit Grewal

Rule #1

Be careful of what you post on social sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Because nothing is private any more and always think before you post.

Rule #2

Be appropriate on line because you never know who is watching.

Rule #3

Do not access or publish illegal sites you never been on. Always think before you do.

Rule #4

Be careful of who yo add as a friend. Only add people you know not just strangers.

Rule #5

No texting while driving you could crash into something and you would know it is your fault.
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Rule #6

If you have a web cam be careful of R.A.T.S because people can hack the web cam and watch what ever your doing.
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Rule #7

Don't give passwords or private information people can hack or break in and could get in to your house by using Google maps.
Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips for Kids and Teens Online

Rule #8

Obey copy right laws or you can get a fine.
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Rule #9

Be careful of who you are sending pictures to they photoshop.
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Rule #10

Be careful and don't click on pop ups on your screen it could be something really in appropriate.
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