Computer Acts

Copyright design & Patents, Computer Misuse, Data Protection

Copyright design & Patents Act

Any uploading or downloading of information through on-line technologies that is not authorized by the copyright owner is deemed to be a infringement of their rights.

You must not make, transmit or store an electronic copy of copyright material.

Computer Misuse Act

Unauthorized access to computer material (hacking), including the illicit copying of software held in any computer.

Unauthorized modification of computer material, including:

1. Intentional destruction of software or data.

2. The circulation of "Infected" materials on-line

Data Protection Act 1998

If someone holds data electronically about an individual, then that individual has the following rights:

1. To view a copy of the data being held on them.

2. To have any inaccurate data corrected.

3. To prevent junk mail: by registering with the mailing preferences services you should be exempt from reviewing junk mail .

The data controller who is in charge of managing the data that is held must:

1.Insure that the Data is accurate, up-to-date & relevant.

2. Allow access to the data if requested by a data subject

3.Change information that is incorrect

4. Store data securely