Fast Food

By: Ryan Leugers

Forced To Eat

The fast food companies give you no choice. What I mean by that statement is if you are hungry and want to eat you have just two options in todays society you could pack snacks to pick from or run to the fast food restaurant down the street. So you see my point is you can't escape from fast food. But you can reduce your intake.
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Know What Your Eating

Get the facts on what you've been eating for years at fast food restaurants! Fast Food has the nutrition facts for over 6,000 menu items from the most popular fast food restaurants. To begin, select a restaurant,


The calories in fast food are insanely high. A family of for can spend 15 dollars at a fast food restaurant and eat almost 6000 calories may not see like a lot considering thats between 4 people but that number should not be that high.

Health Issues

Eating fast food can cause many health problems like weight gain,obesity,type 2 diabetes,Cardiovascular conditions. Do not get me wrong an occasional meal will not kill you but eating fast food everyday can severally hurt your health.

How to Make Fast Food healthy

I am gonna provide you 10 steps to make fast food healthy

  1. Read the Nutrition pamphlet
  2. Read the Ingredients
  3. Plan Ahead
  4. Cast Away the Condiments
  5. Choose Grilled or Steamed items
  6. Ask for extra veggies
  7. Choose a healthy side instead of fries
  8. Eat no more than half of whats given to you
  9. Always choose water
  10. Stay away from fast food
And I hope these steps help towards a better you !

Fast Food So Cheap

It's cheap because the production is streamlined- they buy and produce in huge bulk, and when you do this, the quality is uniform and you can satisfy a huge demand. For example, which makes most money, selling 20 burgers at 10 dollars or 200 burgers at 2.50 dollars? If it's cheap and ready, people in a hurry will buy it. Also people too lazy to cook at home, those who are not wealthy enough to afford the preparation equipment, and those who simply like the taste of fast food.

What Is In Fast Food

Until you look past that flaky exterior and further into the ingredient list. According to Dr. Mercola, Only 50 percent of a McNugget is actually chicken. The other half includes corn derivatives, sugars, leavening agents, and completely synthetic ingredients If that’s not bad enough, a recent Annals of Diagnostic Pathology study revealed that the percentage of meat in fast food hamburgers may be as little as 2% — as in only 2% of your meat is actually meat. (The median was 12% meat.)