Senior News


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Yankee Candle Fundraiser

'Tis the season! Start your holiday shopping and support the senior class. For every purchase made seniors get 40%!!!!!! This was a great fundraiser for us last year thanks to your support.

Ways to shop


  • You can place an order with one of the senior fundraising members they will have hard copies of the catalogs to look through.

Feel free to add the link and group number to any of your social media networks (Facebook, twitter etc) to help us spread the word.

Senior Packages

Senior Package commitment time! 20% of your package is due with the completed, signed carbon-copy form by Friday Nov 14, 2014. If you have not received one of the carbon copy forms please see Mr. Cartagena. Mrs. Carey. Mr. Cartagena and your Senior Class Officers will be in the senior cafe all week collecting forms and money.
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Fall Festival

Make sure to come to school the day before Thanksgiving for some fun spirit filled excitement with freebies! Hope you like Marshmallows!
Funny Thanksgiving Song - 'Thanksgiving Overture'