Disappearing Bonobos!

Please help save the great apes!

Why are the bonobos disappearing?

The tropical forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo are home to an amazing variety of wildlife.  The bonobo is a member of this group but is disappearing at an alarming rate.  Humans share 98.4% of our genetic makeup with these great apes.  However, humans are responsible for destroying the habitat - due to slash and burn agriculture,logging and bushmeat trade.

How can I help?

Contact the Rachel Hicks Helping Hand Foundation in Johns Creek Georgia

The Rachel Hicks Helping Hands Foundation has been educating middle school students on environmental problems in Africa for the past 15 years.  The Foundation believes the greatest tool we have in this fight is awareness.  Please join the Foundation on their Bye Bye Bonobo No! No! Tour beginning in January 2013.  For a list of cities we will be visiting, check out our website at RHHHF.org.  On our tour, we will provide information on how students can apply for scholarships to visit DRC and study the bonobo's habitat.  We also work with local zoos to educate middle school children on the bonobo and conservation efforts.  All animals are part of the circle of life.  Let's not let another one leave that circle!

Rachel Hicks Helping Hands Foundation

A not for profit organization started by Rachel Hicks and a group of 7th grade students in 1998.  For more information, please visit our website.