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September 2018

School has started and routines are established. Thank you for sharing your children with us for another school year. It's been a wonderful start to the 2018-2019 school year, although very busy. Partnering with you as your child's support team is a privilege and we looking forward to being a part of the growth your child will make this year.

Believe it or not, we've had open house, curriculum night, a general PTA meeting, several field trips, a teddy bear picnic, and we have 2 big community events right around the corner! We are busy! Thank you everyone for your participation and involvement thus far.

Each month I'll be sending out a newsletter that shares information about our school, district, and community events. Everything that is shared centers around what is going on WITH and FOR our children. Everything shared in our newsletters is to provide open communication and resources for all of our families. If you ever have any specific needs, please feel free to reach out to anyone on our leadership team.

Mrs. Goble (Principal)
Mrs. Collette (Asst. Principal)
Mrs. Mason (Counselor)
Ms. Fortner (Counselor)

News to share....

General Information- At curriculum night, I shared some general information about New Haven, as well as, some procedures we have in place. I've attached that for those that were unable to attend below to review at your convenience.

Family Resource Center- "FRC"- New Haven has submitted a grant request for a Family Resource Center Coordinator. A survey was sent out to all families earlier this year to gather information for needs of our students and families. Family Resource centers are not just for basic needs, the center staff also works with families who have students who have long term or situational needs. These needs could include finding childcare, students with health needs or social / emotional support needs. It also can provide support for families who are raising relatives, students who have lost parents, etc. The center can also organize and implement a VAST variety of programming for families and students. We are hopeful that we are considered for the grant. The state will be making a decision sometime in October. Stay tuned for more information!

School Safety- I wanted to share some basic information that was shared at Curriculum Night about school safety and a variety of drills that we practice. It's not a secret that school safety is a hot topic and weighs heavily on many. We take safety very seriously, and are constantly looking at procedures that we have in place to ensure everyone's safety. We have worked with Boone County Emergency Management, Boone County Sheriff's department, Boone County Fire Department, district personnel, and school personnel on all emergency protocols. We review this plan every single year, and make adjustments as needed. We are required to practice a number of different drills several times a year. These include fire drills (monthly), severe weather drills (multiple times a year), lockdown (multiple times a year), and evacuation drills. We do these drills so that everyone knows exactly what to do if put in a real situation, we also do these drills so that the kids don't get scared. We do realize that the sounds and practicing do sometimes increase anxiety of some students and we accommodate for that with the drills. We also practice variations of drills- altering the times, classes that students are in, as well as, blocking some paths so that alternative routes are also practiced. We want the drills to become natural, but also keep students and staff alter to possible changes.

I also realize that some of the procedures we have in place can be inconvenient, but they are in place for the safety of everyone. We are a campus of about 1000 children (ages 3 to 11) and over 100 staff members. When you add visitors to that number, there are many procedures needed to be place to maintain the instructional integrity and safety of everyone on the NH campus.

When you enter school, you will have to be buzzed in. The office staff are required to ask you how they can help you, and your name and your child's name. This is 1 layer of security. I know that it takes some getting used to. I'm asking you to be understanding of this protocol. Telling the office staff to let you in without giving information isn't going to help anyone.
You will also need to sign in using our Identi-kid visitor registration system. This requires a license. You will not be permitted to enter the school without a visitors badge.

As an additional layer of safety, we have a SRO (School Resource Officer). Officer Swartz, although a Boone County Sheriff, is a part of our NH staff. He has built and continues to build great relationships with our kids, and his presence adds to the security of everyone. He is a blessing to our building.

Parking & Student drop off / Pickup- We have made changes already this year, and will continue to review our needs as we continue to grow. Our staff has been asked to park in the spots in front of the bus loop and in the large lot. With over 100 staff members, there will be limited spots left. Parents / visitors have parking access along the spots in front of the "castle" (original building) and in the small lot across from the castle - along 42. We are asking that anyone who is picking up students in the "permanent" location (gym) park by the castle. This ensures that we don't have adults walking through our dismissal process. We are also asking you not to double park along 42 as this is a serious safety issue.

When dropping students off at school in the morning. PLEASE do not pull into the bus loop after 8:05. We have increased the number of buses at NH, and they begin dropping students off at 8:05.

We also ask that if you want to watch your child walk into school that you use the spots in front of the castle and watch your child walk in from there. We are finding that parents who are parking in the large lot are taking parking spots from staff members who need to report to their posts before or at 8:30 am.

Please make sure that your child is sitting on the right side of your vehicle and that they begin exiting your vehicle as soon as you are along the sidewalk in the large lot. Please have them exit your vehicle immediately to keep the traffic line flowing. We are experiencing vehicles blocking entrance / exits to our lot. We have staff members assigned to all areas of the campus, as well as, our SRO who is monitoring the entire campus. We have adults at the bus loop doors and A Hallway, in addition to adults in the hallways to ensure that the students are going where they need to.

If you are daily pick up- we ask that you wait in your vehicle until the buses dismiss, and then you can sign your child out at the A-Hallway doors. This is to ensure that our kids get to their buses first, and we can get them off the campus in an efficient manner.

We are able to dismiss 1000 students in a matter of 15 minutes, so we ask for your continued support and understanding that all 1000 children matter to us. If you need your child for an appointment before the daily dismissal begins, you will need to let the office know that you will be signing your child out early in the office. Please also know that a note will need to accompany the early dismissal to provide an excused tardy.

Celebrating Great Things!

GO PANTRY! - We are partnering with GO PANTRY again this year and are collecting canned goods such as spaghetti O's, etc. This non-profit group has and continues to support hundreds of children in Boone County. Please consider sending a can or two with your child to drop off in the box in our bus loop!

2nd Annual Tiger Tee-Off!!- A sure bet to a great day of fun and golf! Please join us in our 2nd annual golf outing to support events for our New Haven students. All proceeds go right back into our school! It's a win-win for everyone! Even if you're not a golfer- the day will be an opportunity to get to know others, win prizes, and swing a club or two. Below are the links for on-line registration or print a paper copy and send it in! Hoping to see a huge crowd on Saturday, September 29th!

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Upcoming events @ New Haven

19th- Picture Day!
26th- KY kids day!
28th- Popcorn Friday

29th- Tiger Golf Outing!

Kindergarten Field trip
Vision Screening for grades 2 & 4
5th - 8th - No School (Fall Break)

12th- Fall Festival 5:30 to 9:00 - Go to our PTA webpage for more information!
15th- Parent / Teacher Conferences
16th- KDE Safety Audit
18th- Parent / Teacher Conferences
22nd- Red Ribbon Week
24th- Parent / Teacher Conferences
30th- 4th grade field trip

New Haven Elementary

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