TukTut National Park

Nunavut, Canada-Zach


Some of the wild life in TukTut are Caribou, Polar bear, wolves, grizzly bears, muskoxen, artic char, and raptors.

Physical Features

Physical features in TukTut are rolling tundra, wild rivers, and precipitous canyons.

Pictures of the TukTut National Park

Natural Wonders and Cultural treasures

One of its cultural treasures is tent rings. Tent rings where used in early 1700's. These were used for tents to hold them up because the tent rings were made of rocks. They also were used for when British or Americans set out and explored the land.


The Tuktut national park is between 50-70% is dry treeless tundra, rocky barrens characterized by the presence of permafrost. They have short summer of 24 hour daylight. They also have long dark winters and low annual precipitation. Tundra plants include lichens, mosses, grasses, and low shrubs. Unlike any other deer Caribou is able to digest lichens. Some species of wildflowers include mountain aven, the first spring flower, dryas, white mountain heather, moss Campion moss campion, arctic poppy, the edible river beauty, and dense carpets of arctic willow and dwarf birch
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Human activities

The human activities in Tuktut National Park are hiking along the Hornaday river. Some of the other activities are camping, hiking, fishing, paddling, and winter activities. The winter activities are ski touring or snowshoeing in the park from late March and early May. The one reason why people don't really go in the winter is because it gets super cold as -30 degrees Fahrenheit.


In conclusion Tuktut National Park is one of the best national parks that I have done research on. Tuktut has weird and big animals and very cool views.


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