The Egypt newspaper

The NEW INVENTION of Egypt!!!!!!

What in the world is the new invention??????

A farmer has just figured how to give water to the crops in an easy way to get water to the plants. WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY USED TO GET THE WATER TO THEIR CROPS. IF YOU GOT THE AWNSER RIGHT GREAT JOB : ) . They used the shadoof to get water up from the river to give to their crops. I think it was is the most useful water helper right now. The Nile River is used for the crops, water to drink, and to use for protection as well. we made

The 365 day calendar it was used for to keep track of our days, and we were the First specialist in medicine so that certain doctors can heal people with that problem, we also came up with Fractions were used for math so we all could become smart. Two inventions that are still used are the book and a library, and also clocks. The Great Pyramids of Giza are a great engineering mystery because no one knew how they were built.

yes the awnser is the shadoof

website for the pictures of the shadoof