The most beautiful Goddess in Greek mythology

Thesis Statement

In Joel Skidmore’s Mythweb.com, Aphrodite is the most significant goddess in Greek Mythology that shows an image that is loving and caring.


Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty, love and fertility and she also protects the sailors. She was born from sea-foam but other poems say she was born from Zeus and Dione. She was the most beautiful goddess, and she gave her love to Paris. She also saved her son Aeneas from the Trojan War and got injured by another god. He wounded her wrists with a sword.


For example, a Trojan prince named Paris had to choose who the most beautiful goddess was out of the three Olympian Gods. He chose Aphrodite. Hera and Athena tried bribing him with power and victory in battle. Aphrodite offered the love of the most beautiful girl in the world.


Skidmore said, “Her father Zeus tells her to leave war to the likes of Ares and Athena, while devoting herself to the business of marriage.” (Skidmore, 1)


This shows Aphrodite is loving because she has to devote herself to making other people happy and make sure their relationships are going to be okay. She’s caring because even though she could have got herself killed she still went and saved her son from dying.


Therefore Aphrodite is a loving and caring goddess. She protects sailors and protected her son from almost being killed. A lot of other gods were intimidated because she was the most beautiful goddess and she controlled everyones love and marraiges.

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