Getting Started

With Educational Technology

Start with Simple and Fun Tools...

There is so much available in the world of educational technology that it is easy to feel overwhelmed. The key is to start enjoying tools you like and can use right away and then add to your repertoire when you are ready. Below are a some good leads for you to start with.

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Educational Apps

Nearpod: create and display interactive presentations for students

Pinterest: collect what you like and share with friends

Doceri: a combo app including screencasting, desktop control, and an interactive whiteboard.

Dropbox: share and send documents and files

Flashcards Deluxe: Multi-sided flashcards with audio and more

iStudiez: time-management with students in mind

Khan Academy: studying and course management

ScreenChomp: interactive whiteboard with photo-capabilities primed for sharing

Skitch: annotation for images and screenshots

Learnist: share and remix internet resources with learning boards.

Zoodle: very fun drawing app.

Kid Mode: put your iPad in Kid Mode, giving kids 8 and under access to age-determined educational resources.

Wikipanion: streamline wikipedia browsing for iPads in the classroom.

Teacherkit: a personal organizer for teachers.

TED: access more than 1,000 brilliant lectures.

Teacher's Aide: grading and attendance for three free courses (or purchase more).

Chimpadeedoo: collect and import e-mail addresses.

Teacher (by Socrative): Polling, quizzing, exit tickets, and more for use with students.

Atomic Learning: radioactive educational materials for those looking for excitement.

Collaborate: synchronous learning experiences made simple.

Dragon Dictation: the only dictation program designed specifically for dragons.

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Sam Battrick and Joan Campbell

Sam is an Instructional Design Specialist at Rogue Community College. He is awesome at helping instructors design online courses, but he dreams of becoming the new face of Shamwow.

You can reach him at:

Joan is the Academic Partnerships Coordinator at Umpqua Community College. She met Sam in a previous life while she served as an eLearning Specialist at UCC. In that life, she was also six feet tall and dated Lebron James.

You can reach her at: