Back to School Night Prep

Middle School

When: Thursday, September 22, 2015 6:00-7:30pm

Where: Classrooms

Who: Middle School Teachers for students in GRADES 5-7


  • Parents arrive at ADVISORY first (6pm) and get student schedules for the evening.
    • Student schedules have been MARKED for correct rotation/s by advisor before BTSN (A, Z, etc)
    • Parents must be prepped about the location of ADVISORY before they arrive in the evening by advisors prior to BTSN

  • Parents follow a SCHEDULE of 10 minutes classes featuring the Academic classes, D-Lab, and Recording Studio.
    • A chime and announcement will mark the changing of the classes
    • There is a 3 minute passing period between periods
    • Student council will be on hand to provide directions for lost parents
    • 5th-6th grade will visit the Recording Studio/Arts rooms during a rotation
    • 6th-7th grade will visit the D-Lab during a rotation
      • 5th grade can check out the D-Lab at another time and/or throughout the evening


  • Teachers should take care that classroom is neat, tidy, and ready for parents.

  • If you teach, Math/Science/English/History/World Languages and Advisory, we expect you to be in your room for the duration of the evening.
    • Prepare a PRESENTATION for Parents that lasts no longer than 4 minutes of the allotted 10 minute class.
    • Spend the remaining time meet/greeting the parents.

  • If you teach Music or Drama, we do expect you to be present since there will be rotations going down to the arts building
    • No official presentation is required (but is encouraged).

  • This is NOT an impromptu conference. If someone wants to know about the status of his/her child, politely let them know that can be scheduled at another time.

The Rotation Schedule (at a glance)

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