Check First!!

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Check First

  • Make sure you ask your parents before you go out to do anything. Why do you think its important to ask your parents first?
  • Why should you check first before helping anyone? Only adults should ask other adults for, especially if its somebody you don't know.
  • Its not rude to say "no" because they shouldn't be asking you.

Common Kidnapping Tricks

The Help Trick- Asking for assistance or directions.

The Offer Trick- Offering money, candy, video games.

The Animal trick- A person shows you a cute or unusual animal.

The Friend Trick- A person says he or she is a friend of your parents or guardians and they asked him or her to pick you up.

The Flattery Trick-Someone asks you to go with them to take pictures because you are so pretty or handsome. They might tell you that you will be rich and famous.

The Emergency Trick- Someone tells you that there is an emergency, like a fire or an accident, and you will be taken to your parents or guardians.

The Open The Door Trick-A person asks you to open the door to your house when your parents or guardians are not home. The person may look like a delivery person or be wearing a uniform.

The "Bad" Child Trick-A person says you did something wrong and must go with him or her. This person may have a fake badge or be dressed in uniform. This person may say your parents or guardians do not want you anymore.

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