Gale-Bailey ROARing Updates

HAPPY! Have A Positive and Productive Year! 2022-2023

ROARing Updates

Dear Gale-Bailey Pride,

And just like that, we finished our first week of school! Our scholars were happy to be back and ROARing to learn. Please check your cub's bookbag for their weekly folder. This week we tried to make it fun, and we reviewed all the procedures and practices for Gale-Bailey. Please ensure to submit all paperwork. I really believe that you are our partner.

Family engagement is a priority for us this year. I encourage you to remain in close contact with your child's teacher(s). Please be sure to monitor your child's learning, and do not hesitate to reach out to our staff for assistance. The adage, "It takes a village to raise a child." Working together as a team assures success for our children. There will be multiple opportunities throughout the year for you, the family, to get involved in our school and your child's education. We encourage you to join our PTO. In the upcoming weeks, we will send out specific information regarding the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year. I can tell you that everyone across our county is working hard to plan for a successful school year. I know we will continue working together to ensure the best for all our students in the upcoming school year.

Serving at the best elementary school in Charles County is an honor. I look forward to a great school year.

Educational Yours,

Tangie Scales

Vision and Mission

To create an inclusive twenty-first-century caring community of unique learners through clear communication, creativity, and critical thinking.

The mission of GB is to prepare every student to become effective leaders in a global society. We will make an impact on students by operating in integrity, motivation, positivity, accountability, collaboration, and transparency. We will be equitable, student-centered, celebrating diversity, promoting teamwork, and using all the tools and strategies needed to be 21 Century leaders.

Gale-Bailey Elementary School Transportation Procedures 2022-2023

Gale-Bailey Elementary School Transportation Procedures


ID To Enter Building

As a reminder, in order to enter any school building, you must present your photo ID, which will also be used to provide you with a visitor’s sticker/pass from the visitor’s sign-in machine.

Arrival Times

CHILDREN ARE NOT TO BE DROPPED OFF TO SCHOOL BEFORE 8:55 A.M. We do not have staff available to monitor student safety. Students who are not participating in a school-sponsored activity or AlphaBest should not arrive before 8:55 a.m. All students who arrive after 9:10 a.m. must be signed in at the main office by a parent or guardian.

Dropping off Students in the AM

Begins at 8:55 AM.

All students must be in their classroom seats by 9:10 AM in order NOT to be marked tardy.

When dropping children off at school, parents must use the designated parent drop-off area when entering the parking lot, turn right and follow the arrows to pull up curbside (where daycare vans drop off), and two staff members will greet you to help unload. Students must exit from the right of the vehicles onto the sidewalk once the school staff member gets to your vehicle. For the safety of all students and staff, please DO NOT allow your student(s) to get out of the car without a staff member present, as our school staff is ensuring all students are exited from cars onto the sidewalk safely. Parents, for safety concerns, are NOT to use the bus lane or Staff Parking Lot to drop children off.

Parent Pick Up in the PM

Begins at 3:40 PM

Students will not be released after 3:00 p.m. To have your child dismissed early at the end of the day as early dismissal, you must be in the main office before 3:00 p.m. Calls to retrieve students from the class will not be made after 3:00 p.m.

If your child’s afternoon transportation method is changing, you must notify the front office or the Assistant Principal. Parents are required to submit an afternoon schedule change, preferably the day before the change is to occur or by 11 a.m. the same day. You can send your request to Lisa Jones in the front office (, or you can send your request to our Assistant Principal, Ms. Parsons, at (

Those students being picked up by their parents or guardians at the end of the school day will need to park and come sign their student (s) out with their teacher near the flagpole area. Teachers will not bring students to your car. The teachers across all grade levels will be located near the covered walkway. They will have clipboards in hand for you to sign your child out, and they will be checking for your photo ID and will ensure that you are listed on the Emergency card, as well.

Bus Riders

Students who ride the bus in the afternoon will be dismissed at 3:45 pm. Teachers and designated staff will escort them to their dismissal locations to ride the bus home. Please, remember that transportation is a privilege, not a requirement. School bus privileges can be suspended for behavior problems and violations of school policy. Please, remind your child of the bus expectations to ensure they are safe while they are riding each day.

ALL Kindergarten and Pre-K students MUST be met at the bus stop by a parent. Arrangements can be made for a sibling to pick them up/supervise them at the bus stop – please email Ms. Parsons ( with that information.

End of Day

Classroom activities continue until 3:40 pm. The end of the day is a busy time for teachers and students. Therefore, parents will not be permitted to go to or have a call sent to the child’s classroom for any reason unless prior arrangements have been made with the school administration. Please plan to be at the school no later than 3:40 pm if you are arranging for your child(ren) to be a parent pick up. No exceptions!

Traffic Safety Procedures

  1. All traffic is one-way. Based on feedback, we have tried to provide more options for our parents with the drop-off and, in particular, pick-up process at the end of the day. By having all lanes one-way, we feel that this will provide a safer environment for our students, parents, and staff. ONLY parents/guardians dropping off in the morning, daycare vans, and school buses will enter through the school lot in one direction (coming in the opening to the right of the school and exiting through the same area (please do not drive through the bus parking lot area). Parent pick-up and daycare vans will enter through the back lane near the parked cars to pick up students, and school buses will pull up to the front of the school (curbside) to pick up their students. We thank you in advance for following our traffic patterns.

  1. Please make sure that you look both ways before moving, as we will have students walking in the crosswalks to enter cars and load into their daycare vans.

  1. We will require patience from all for the first few weeks until we get everything worked out. We appreciate you being patient and following the guidelines provided above to help ensure that all our children return home safely each day.

Thank you for your patience and continued support as we strive to keep our students safe while they are in our care at Gale-Bailey Elementary School.

Mrs. Scales & Ms. Parsons,

School Administrators

Parent Drop Off and Pick-up

Parent drop-off and pick-up are in the side parking lot. Parents can follow the circle around to drop off students in the morning. In the afternoon, parents leave their cars and sign out students.

We have a new Mascot!!!

What's its name? You will have an opportunity to choose.
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GB PTO Corner

PTO Board Members:

President: Lindsay Funkhouser

Vice President: Monique Spinner

Treasurer: James Berry

Secretary: Lisa Berry

Fundraiser Chair: Abigail Nabors

Communications Chair: Ameera Andrews

Save the Dates

Families, to keep you updated as to what is occurring at Gale-Bailey, please refer to the dates listed below:

August Dates

September 5th- Labor Day- No School

September 16th- Teacher Inservice no school

September 27th- Open House 6:00- 7:30 p.m./ Food Truck onsite

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Charles County is hiring!

Gale-Bailey is still in need of two fourth-grade teachers.

Gale-Bailey ROAR

Gale-Bailey ROARing Postive Behavior Interventions!

Attendance and Notes

Regular attendance is critical to your child’s education. Conversely, disruptions to your child’s school attendance can significantly impact their academic performance.

Scholars should attend school consistently and be absent only for illness or emergencies. Please refrain from scheduling extended family vacations during school time.

Please provide Ms.L. Jones ( with a note from your physician releasing your child to return to school. Please ensure all notes have your child's first and last name and date for the excused absence.

Thank you, GBESPTO, for hosting lunch for staff today! We appreciate you!

Gale-Bailey Elementary School

Gale-Bailey is the school where the pride ROARs. We are a loving and caring community where children come first! A place of teaching, learning, equity, and love.

We are in this Together!