Galileo Galilei

By Adriene Miller and Royce Ferguson


Galileo was an Italian physics, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who played a major role I'm the scientific revolution. Some of his achievements include the improvements of the telescope and consequent astronomical observations.


  • Cause: Galileo grew up in Pisa, Italy and he went to the university of Pisa to study medicine but failed because he had a bigger interest in mathematics. He then became a professor in mathematics and worked for the university of Pisa, he taught till 1610 and then his discovery of the telescope landed him to be the duke of Tuscany. He traveled to Rome a year later to portray his telescopic findings, Galileo found the moon was covered with craters from looking through his telescope
  • Characteristics: Galileo has been called the father of modern physics and the father of science
  • Significance: Galileo helped our world today by giving us the telescope and finding four of Jupiter's moons. Galileo contributions helped also the world by changing the way we look at nature and the universe.