Faster and More Flexible

The MIDI Controller Evolution Continues

MIDI Designer 1.4.2: More Flexible in Design, Faster in Performance

Flexible Design - MIDI Designer 1.4.2 breaks through the limits of MIDI Designer. They're small things, but your perfect MIDI controller was always about the details.

Drumpads and Faster Performance - We also added position-sensitive drumpads and then we started drumming. Then we came back and asked for a "faster" MIDI Designer. The result? The lowest latency, most playable MIDI Designer yet.
Maschine and MIDI Designer Duet
Drumpads and Even-Lower Latency
  • New drumpad button-type with position-sensitive velocity
  • MIDI Designer is now 5x faster for outgoing MIDI

Design Freedom

  • Design across the break and other features for One Big Page feature (iPad only)
  • Many other design changes including aspect-ratio independent XY Pads, new background textures and negative display labels.

More Than a Dozen Fixes and Enhancements

We're ecstatic to have dedicated and happy users (see the nice things users are saying about MIDI Designer). They've inspired us to add features for hardcore MIDI Designer users (like a second sysex variable) and beginners alike (like negative numbers for display). They've also inspired us to aggressively hunt and squash annoying bugs, making MIDI Designer a smoother, more perfect experience for all users.

For the full list, be sure to check out the Change Log.

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