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Important News for the Week of Sept. 15 - 19

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Grades have been updated!

Please take a moment to review your grades. All assignments that were due by the Friday, Sept. 12 benchmark date have been graded. In addition, assignments that were not turned in have been recorded as a grade of zero. Please take a moment to review your grades and communicate with me if you have questions or concerns.

GAVS Grading Policy

Work turned in after the deadline on the course schedule will be accepted within 1 week with a late penalty assessed. Late penalty begins on Saturday and is deducted at a rate of 10% of the assignment value per school day. Work submitted on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday is considered 1 day late.

Reminder Regarding Fall Break

It's that time of year when some schools may offer a fall break for their students. Please note that GaVS students are still required to submit their assignments as referenced in their schedules.

According to GAVS policy, "Students should communicate their school breaks with their teacher as soon as possible and if necessary discuss with their instructor how to get ahead."

Weekly Synchronous Session--Monday at 9:00 p.m.

Each Monday evening from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m., I am available to answer your questions during our live synchronous session. I also take this time to provide further instruction and/or clarification regarding upcoming topics and assignments. If you have questions regarding course content, please take a few minutes to join us. To access the session, click the link provided in the Course Information Widget.

If you miss a weekly session, but would like to view it later, please visit the User Links Widget on the right side of the course homepage. You will find a list of all weekly recordings according to date and topic.

Please Read all News Announcements

Throughout the week news announcements are posted to the course homepage. Please take a moment to review these announcements. Sometimes additional information regarding assignments is provided to help students with the course content. There may be something there that can help you!

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