Crime and Punishment Medevil Times

BY Taylor hunt


The punish ments were staying in a stock for the whole day and geting rotten fruit thrown at them .if you stole you would get your hand cut off

which court can accuse nuns or preists

  • Only church courts could judge bishops, deacons, priests, clerks, monks and nuns
  • the church gave out lighter sentences than royal courts ,
  • they could not sentence death.
  • courts

    Church Courts,manor, royal courts that is the 3 types of courts the church court were used to judge the members of the clergy.the Maniorial court matters to do with manors. the royal court id the highest court.

    water ordel

    The dunking is a form of punishment that was mainly reserved for supposed witches. The victim was tied to a chair which was elevated or lowered by the torture person.


    . By fire -An accused person held a red hot iron bar and walked three paces. His hand was then bandaged and left for three days. If the wound was getting better after three days, you were innocent. If the wound had clearly not got any better, you were guilty. By combat - This was used by noblemen who had been accused of something. They would fight in combat with their accuser. Whoever won was right. Whoever lost was usually dead at the end of the fight.