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November numbers

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1/15 last day to register for Celebrate and Connect

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Room to grow, lets get some new friends to join us.

November numbers

I put these numbers here so that you can see the potential.

Team Sales $11,483

My Sales $2729 with 5 parties

My income as a consultant would have been $682

My paycheck as a director was $1026.49

Thank you and let me know if you want to look to leadership. It starts with being a Senior Consultant. Lisa has a group on fb for anyone who is looking to leadership. Let me know if you are interested and I will add you.

Top in Sales $500+

Heather Covatta $1627 with 1 party!!!!!

Holly Ulmer $1240

Kim McKnight $875

Pam Freeman $752

Amanda Schultz $656

Chrissy Sakowski $528

And everyone else who partied:

Karla Miller, Wendy Veasey, Brandi Johnson, Laura Waltemire, Jennifer Waltemire, Tina O'Dell, Eileen Tuono, Stefanie Morris