Smauel F.B. Morse

Artist & Inventor

Childhood & early life.

Samuel Finley Breeze Morse: As a child he had a hard temper, however his brother & sister helped him with his anger issues. He also was a excellent artist, he was recognized by 2 of the best artist in the 1800's! He married Lucerita Pickering Walker, then she died & he re-married Sarah Elizibeth Gizwald. In all he had 7 kids!


Telegraph/Arts: Sameul graduated from Yale collage in 1810 & got a doctor digree. Then he moved to England, after that he was noticed by Marquis De Lafayette, a French general. Lafayette had Samuel sketch & draw him. He was also the first person to make electromagnetism work fluently! Finally he created the telegraph! It was a great success witch led to the telephone!