Chukwuma Gwude

Chukwuma Gwude the Professional

Chukwuma Gwude

Chukwuma Gwude is quite the business professional, and has the resume to prove it. Chukwuma Gwude has more than 13 impressive years of experience as a Senior Oracle Database Administrator. Furthermore, Chukwuma Gwude has more than 13 years of experience as a GIS Systems Administrator. In addition, Chukwuma Gwude has a decade of experience in Oracle Advanced Replication. Chukwuma Gwude is also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to system integrations. Is there anything Chukwuma Gwude can’t do?

Chukwuma Gwude Believes That Faith Keeps His Family Strong

Faith in God isn’t something that Chukwuma Gwude takes lightly. As an active follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ, Chukwuma believes that faith is the main reason he has been able to keep his family strong, united and productive.

He is an active churchgoer who values the lessons and the teachings of Christ, which he believes is the ultimate inspiration for a successful and happy life.

Chukwuma Gwude is an active participant in church-related activities, and often gives back to the community through church sponsored efforts. He believes that a church provides an excellent place for people to share their faith and love with their fellow believers, and that the church provides an invaluable charitable and soul-enriching service to the community at large.

Faith in God isn’t something that Chukwuma Gwude tucks away in his back drawer or stuffs in his pocket to save for an emergency. Chukwuma Gwude relies on his faith everyday as inspiration to overcome life’s obstacles. He believes that spiritual health is important to a person’s livelihood. It is the quality, not the quantity, of a person’s faith, he believes, that matters the most. Chukwuma Gwude isn’t interested in merely quoting the bible to his family, but rather he is invested in instilling the same passion and desire for God’s love into his loved ones that he has.

As a determined and faithful Christian, Chukwuma Gwude maintains a compassionate and caring spirit. He is devoted to improving and enriching the lives of others with the spirit of the lord. Chukwuma Gwude seeks to empower other people with the power and the guidance of the Christian faith.

Chukwuma Gwude: The Value of Volunteering

Chukwuma Gwude is a technology professional, and has quickly risen to the top of his profession. As an expert database administrator, Chukwuma Gwude knows how important it is to be driven, motivated, responsible and dedicated to your craft. He also understands how important it is to maintain a balanced lifestyle; one that revolves around helping others less fortunate than yourself.

Chukwuma Gwude is passionate about providing help and support to others. He commits a large amount of time every week to local community improvement efforts, such as those that help keep the homeless clothed and fed. Chukwuma dedicates nearly 12 hours of his time every week to support philanthropic efforts, and has instilled a sense of compassion and giving into his family. He believes that best way to live a fulfilling and faithful life is to give back to those who need it the most.

Chukwuma Gwude is a member of his local church, which actively encourages its members to stay involved and to show compassion and care to the less fortunate. He often splits his spare time between the outreach efforts of his church and volunteering at the local food bank. He believes that his faith in God has inspired him to be a constructive and helpful member of society, and that it’s every Christian’s duty to provide a helping hand to struggling families and less fortunate populations.

Chukwuma Gwude generously donates his time to charitable causes because he genuinely cares about the health of his local community. He isn’t looking for praise or recognition for his efforts. He instead gets his satisfaction from the knowledge that he’s made a real difference in another person’s life.

Chukwuma Gwude: Why You Should Use LinkedIn

Chukwuma understands that people have many options when it comes to social networking, though he believes none are quite as effective as the professional LinkedIn network.

Chukwuma Gwude prefers the professional and career-oriented approach of LinkedIn, which allows like-minded professionals of all backgrounds to build strong online networks and communicate with each other about changes or developments in their particular industries.

LinkedIn is home to millions of professionals in search of job opportunities, career advancement and industry updates. Chukwuma Gwude believes that LinkedIn, if used correctly, can be a powerful and beneficial career tool with innumerable possibilities.

It’s important to be honest and upfront about your career history on LinkedIn, says Chukwuma Gwude. By emphasizing the skills and experience you actually have, as opposed to stretching the truth and/or acting deceitfully, you have the potential to find employers and recruiters that offer the positions that best match your career requirements. Make the most of your time on LinkedIn, says Chukwuma Gwude. There are an endless amount of opportunities available on the site

LinkedIn also provides users like Chukwuma Gwude with the opportunity to stay informed on changes within their respective industries. LinkedIn serves as an informational resource to professionals by providing a seemingly endless stream of career and industry-based articles. These articles, says Chukwuma Gwude, help him stay apprised of the latest advances in the tech industry, and provide a great informational tool.

Chukwuma Gwude understands that social networking isn’t for everyone, and that anyone interested in setting up a social media profile, even on LinkedIn, should do their research before committing their information to a site.

Chukwuma Gwude Explains the Power of Soccer

Chukwuma Gwude raves about the game of soccer, the game he has loved from a very early age. The pace, the thrill and the excitement of the internationally popular sport excites Chukwuma Gwude, who takes every opportunity he can to enjoy the game with his family.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about soccer, at least for Chukwuma Gwude, is the thrill of the score. Every time a forward or halfback manages to kick the ball through the net, Chukwuma Gwude’s heart starts to race. Unlike other sports, where scoring occurs often, a goal in professional soccer occurs rather rarely, which makes every goal that much more important. Chukwuma Gwude appreciates the roar of the crowd and intensity of the atmosphere after a goal is scored. Nothing is quite as exciting or heart-pounding.

Chukwuma Gwude understands how popular soccer is, and that its popularity has endured in spite of the growing prevalence of American football and basketball. Soccer is able to thrill people across the globe, and is perhaps the world’s most watched and enjoyed sport. From small villages to large cities, soccer is enjoyed nearly everywhere. Chukwuma Gwude has often longed for the talent to be a professional soccer star. He hopes that someone is family will adopt the game as their own, and develop the same passion he has for the game.

Chukwuma Gwude is happy to live in Austell, Georgia, though he knows that the game of soccer really hasn’t taken off in the states in the way that it has in Europe and Africa. He hopes to one day see soccer take off in Georgia.

Chukwuma Gwude Lives for Jesus Christ

Faith is perhaps Chukwuma Gwude’s number one value. His commitment to God and to Jesus Christ is exhibited in the way he lives his life and cares for his family. Chukwuma Gwude is deeply involved in his church because the church is a source of inspiration and connection for him.

Chukwuma Gwude shows his faith through his commitment to help the less fortunate. He works for the less-privileged because he believes that he is a vessel for God’s love. Chukwuma Gwude and his family have spent countless hours providing food, clothing and support to the needy because they believe that generosity is a major tenet of their faith.

Chukwuma Gwude believes that the act of giving of you is of paramount importance to a person’s salvation. Helping people is just one way that Chukwuma Gwude shares God’s love with the community. His commitment to charity and to being a true humanitarian is admired by those around him. Chukwuma Gwude has an unwavering faith that has made him the man he is today.

Chukwuma Gwude shares his faith with his loving family. A strong family unit can become stronger through shared faith. Chukwuma Gwude has made his Christian faith the cornerstone of his family and a solid foundation upon which to build a lasting connection with his family and friends. Remaining active in the church and sharing charitable experiences with his family have served Chukwuma Gwude exceptionally well. He is motivated through his faith to have a positive impact on his community and on the world.

Chukwuma Gwude: Trusted Tech Professional

Any company looking for a qualified and talented tech professional should consider employing Chukwuma Gwude. He has extensive administrative experience as well as extensive integration and system operations experience.

Technology companies require people that exhibit a strong grasp of the industry and a desire to stay ahead of the curve. Chukwuma Gwude was a trusted Senior Oracle Database Administrator for over 13 years, as well as a GIS Administrator for over a decade. Chukwuma Gwude is committed to the industry because it has been committed to him. Technology companies highly value Chukwuma Gwude’s ability to solve problems and develop more efficient ways to get things done.

Chukwuma Gwude has no problem taking on any challenge. He has consistently proven his ability to work through problems with grace and confidence. There aren’t many professionals like Chukwuma Gwude; people with the commitment, the drive and the passion necessary to provide high-quality work in an intense and deadline-driven environment.

Chukwuma Gwude has a decade of Oracle Advanced Replication experience. He recently spent several years implementing Oracle Golden Gate Replications and working with Oracle Applications. Chukwuma Gwude understands the ins and outs of the tech industry and stays apprised and aware of the latest advances and changes.

System integrations are one of Chukwuma Gwude’s primary specialties. He is constantly motivated to hone his skill and to learn as much as he can about the latest in industry improvements. Chukwuma Gwude has an undeniable devotion to the tech community and displays that devotion through his work.

Chukwuma Gwude: Technology Professional

Chukwuma Gwude is a highly-qualified technology professional with many years of experience as an administrator. His expertise is quite extensive and has made him one of the most valued members of the technology profession.

Chukwuma Gwude has worked as a Senior Oracle Database Administrator, a Sun Solaris Systems Administrator and a GIS Administrator. He always exhibits a high level of professionalism in the workplace. Many of his colleagues look up to Chukwuma Gwude for administrative guidance. Chukwuma Gwude has over a decade of strong system administration experience and enjoys the industry very much.

Chukwuma Gwude spends much time studying technical materials so that he can move forward in the technology industry. His goal is to build his knowledge base and his opportunity for advancement. The more Chukwuma Gwude knows about his industry, the better. Chukwuma Gwude has become an asset to the industry, in part due to his commitment to learn and stay on top of the latest advancements and techniques.

In addition to his administrative experience, Chukwuma Gwude has also spent over ten years in Oracle Advanced Replication. System integrations have presented little to no problem to Chukwuma, who has exhibited a strong prowess for integrations and for learning new applications. His devotion to tech work has made him an indispensable asset. People enjoy working with Chukwuma Gwude because of his talent and the extensive resume of experience he’s developed over the years.

It’s easy for technology companies to place their faith in Chukwuma Gwude. He has proven to be a great problem solver and diligent worker.

Chukwuma Gwude: Technologically Savvy

Chukwuma Gwude is smarter than the average man. He doesn’t boast that about himself, but the fact still remains. Chukwuma Gwude has more than 13 years of experience as a Senior Oracle Database Administrator. Most people wouldn’t understand what that even means, but Chukwuma Gwude has done the job with flair. Furthermore, Chukwuma Gwude spent 13 years working as a GIS Systems Administrator. Chukwuma Gwude even spent ten years working in Oracle Advanced Replication. Chukwuma Gwude also spent several years working on Oracle Golden Gate Replications implementations and was also a Sun Solaris Systems Administrator. He has done a number of ventures over the years but they have all dealt with administration and system integrations. Chukwuma Gwude has one impressive resume, but he is humble throughout all of it. Chukwuma Gwude feels that being technologically savvy is a gift that he was born with and he tries to use it to better the world and his community.

When Chukwuma Gwude isn’t using his talents for work purposes he his using them to help out at his local church. Chukwuma Gwude does whatever he can to help his church using his knowledge and expertise. This mainly concerns technology such as running the sound booth for church services on Friday nights and Sunday mornings. If anything else comes up that Chukwuma Gwude can help with, he is all about it. Give Chukwuma Gwude something to do and he will do it with passion and brilliance. That’s just the kind of guy Chukwuma Gwude is: professional and humble all at the same time.

The Family Ties that Bind: Chukwuma Gwude

Chukwuma Gwude is quite the family man and has made a huge effort to be that way. Being close with one’s family doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes intention, dedication, and effort. Chukwuma Gwude was not close with his family growing up which served as his motivation to do things differently. He tries to do anything he can with his family to further strengthen that bond. Chukwuma Gwude and his family spent a majority of their time engaging in outdoor activities, but that’s not all they do. You can find them watching football together, volunteering together or even just sitting down for a family dinner together. Chukwuma Gwude shares that it’s not about what you do but who you do it with. In everything Chukwuma Gwude does, he tries to include his family. Most children might be put off by this but not Chukwuma Gwude’s children! They love that their father puts so much effort into his relationship with them and it makes them feel secure and loved.

Chukwuma Gwude has reached out to his extended family and tried to reestablish a bond over the years. His efforts have paid off, and Chukwuma Gwude is now very close with his mother, father, and siblings. They may not have been close growing up, but Chukwuma Gwude doesn’t lose sleep over wasted time. Chukwuma Gwude is grateful for the relationships that he has today and everything that has brought him to this point. After God, family is the most important thing to Chukwuma Gwude and he wants everyone to know that about him.

Chukwuma Gwude the Soccer Stunner

Chukwuma Gwude’s love for soccer began at a young age. Chukwuma Gwude played soccer throughout elementary, middle and high school, and even dabbled in it a bit in college. Chukwuma Gwude has worked hard to pass down his love for soccer to his children and many of them play the sport at school as well. Much of Chukwuma Gwude’s time is spent playing soccer outdoors with his family, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Recently, Chukwuma Gwude sprained his ankle right before a big tournament, but Chukwuma Gwude didn’t let that bring him down. Chukwuma Gwude worked hard to recover and was able to play in Austell’s 25th Annual Recreational Soccer Tournament. After competing against men and women of all ages he and his team, The Fiery Pistons, were able to bring home the trophy and Chukwuma Gwude was so proud of this accomplishment. Chukwuma Gwude hopes that his perseverance will serve as an inspiration to his children.

Chukwuma Gwude would love to travel to either Mexico or Spain and watch a soccer game first hand. Soccer culture is strong in these areas, and Chukwuma Gwude would love to feel the energy at these events. He hopes to make a vacation out of it and take his entire family to a soccer game abroad. Chukwuma Gwude’s favorite soccer player is David Beckham, and who could blame him? Chukwuma Gwude loves a good football game on a Sunday afternoon but his favorite sport of all time is definitely soccer.

Church and Chukwuma Gwude

One of the number one things Chukwuma Gwude wants others to know about him is that he loves God. Many people claim to have a relationship with God or to love God, but Chukwuma Gwude is the real deal. Chukwuma Gwude has had a relationship with God ever since he was 14 years old and never looked back. He is incredibly involved in his church, even when he’s not volunteering. You can find Chukwuma Gwude at church on both Friday nights and Sunday mornings and he stays for the entire service. Even if he’s not helping to run the sound booth, Chukwuma Gwude enjoys hanging around the church and getting to know his brothers and sisters in Christ a little bit better. Chukwuma Gwude strongly encourages others to get involved with their church. He states that they will feel so much better about themselves and feel a sense of belonging.

When Chukwuma Gwude isn’t at church, you can usually find him reading his Bible. Chukwuma Gwude enjoys reading about the ministry of Jesus and applying it in his own life. Chukwuma Gwude wakes up before dawn each morning and spends time in the word. He feels that this is the best way to start his day and strongly encourages that others try it as well. Chukwuma Gwude’s relationship with God is his number one priority in his life followed by family, volunteering and then work. That is how everyone should prioritize their lives, says Chukwuma Gwude, and he finds great happiness in doing so.

Chukwuma Gwude Utilizes LinkedIn and Yahoo

While over one billion people use Facebook each year, Chukwuma Gwude is not one of these users. Chukwuma Gwude is not interested in the majority of social media, but there is one exception: LinkedIn. He feels that social media has become all-consuming between Instagram, Google + and Facebook. Because he is very busy between spending time with his family, work and volunteering, he doesn’t have time to waste on social media sites. Chukwuma Gwude believes in striving for personal growth, and the only social media site that does that for him his LinkedIn. LinkedIn connects him to other business professionals in his area and in his field of work, and Chukwuma Gwude loves that. He knows the importance of networking and knows that taking advantage of the site could prove extremely beneficial.

Chukwuma Gwude doesn’t spend much time online, but if he does you can find him on the Yahoo page. He uses Yahoo for his email as well as any of his other internet needs. Chukwuma Gwude feels that search engines such as Bing and Google have made things too complicated. According to Chukwuma Gwude, Yahoo was the first real search engine, and he wants to remain loyal to that.

For being so technologically savvy, Chukwuma Gwude doesn’t spend much time on the internet. When he does, he chooses to utilize Yahoo and LinkedIn as his main sources of online activity. Chukwuma Gwude would much rather be outside playing soccer with his family than sitting on a computer staring at a social media site.