Chelsea's Utopia

"A perfect world"

5 Traits of my utopia!

  • This utopia is a worry free island, all of your problems disappear and happiness is not limited!
  • Anything you need or want is available for your use
  • Everyday is a sunny day and everyone is happy 24/7
  • All types of services are available for you so you can be satisfied
  • There is beautiful sight seeing and is perfect for all ages
John Lennon - Imagine - Lyrics

"Lord of the flies" is NOT a utopia

3 quotes that "LOTF" is not a utopia

  • “The rules!" shouted Ralph, "you're breaking the rules!" This shows that the boys had to make rules to make the islands a better place and a utopia is a good place from the start.

  • "Maybe there is a beast... maybe its only us" This quote shows that they think that there is a beast or that they are the monsters, and a utopia usually doesn't have any type of harm
  • "Kill the pig! Cut its throat! Bash him in!" This quote shows that the boys had to harm an innocent animal, and a utopia has everything you need without causing any type of harm.