Rhobeth Beach

Beaches and Baseball


This summer I went to Delaware for a Sports At The Beach Tournament. I was on the 12u Curve Juinors Team. We lost 1, and won 4. We stayed at the Hampton Inn which is five miles away from the field. At night, we would go to the boardwalk and ride rides, and play games.


In the mornings, we would play our games at the field. There were teams from Ohio, New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. This was our vacation this year, since it was near the beach and we were really busy. This was the memorable event of my summer!

The Beach

This is my sister and I. You can probably tell that my arm is burried in sand. That ring right there is all the sand we dug up from our 4 foot down hole. Up there is the boardwalk were we went at night. The beach was crowded that day since it was hot. This was my memorable event this summer!