How to Succeed in Pre-AP Chemistry

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Ms. West

Chemistry Teacher at Irving High School

Conference Period: 2nd

What should I already know?

Grading Procedures

Types of Grades

Major Grades: Previously called summatives. These will account for 60% of your grade (previously 70%). These are tests, projects, lab practicals. You will have at least 3 of these grades a six weeks (though most often you will have more).

Minor Grades: Previously called formatives. These will account for 40% of your grade (previously 30%). These are quizzes, homework, practice. You will usually have at least one minor grade per standard, to gauge your readiness before the unit test.

Due Dates

In accordance with district policy regarding flipped classrooms, all homework will be made available to you at least 4 days before the due date. It is your responsibility to complete it before it is due, either during unstructured class time, tutoring, or at home. You will be allowed to turn in late work for one week only, and you will lose an automatic 10% for each school day it is late.

You will do some labs independently. These will all have associated due dates, and may be done for partial credit up to one week after it is due. Do not plan on being able to make these up at the end of the six weeks - after one week, the lab supplies will be put away.

Some labs are called core labs. You must be caught up on all work to complete these labs, otherwise you will have to do an alternate assignment in the hallway. While this will not negatively impact your grade for the lab, the core labs are usually the more interesting ones, so it is best to be caught up.

Retests will be allowed for major grades only for one week. In addition, you must go through a re-teach portion, either in person at tutoring (on a day prior to testing), or online with supplemental materials. If you have not completed one or the other, you will not be allowed to re-test.

The Flipped Classroom

Why Flipped Classroom?

Contrary to popular belief, a flipped classroom is not just working on one online assignment after another. A flipped classroom is all about doing the easiest parts of the learning cycle at home, where little supervision is needed. When we come together as a class, we can build on that knowledge and apply the knowledge in-class. This will allow time for more labs, and give you the opportunity to grasp content at a deeper level.

At Home Responsibilities

You will be expected to complete homework often, but it will frequently be in the form of a 10-minute or less video. Depending on how wisely you use your in-class time, you may also have to complete some notes and assignments outside of class. This will be left largely to how well you are able to stay on-task.

In Class Responsibilities

During class, we will sometimes work together as a class, sometimes in groups, and sometimes individually. Each TEKS Standard will have at least one lab or project to complete, and in-class time will be given for these. There will also be time to work on other assignments.

You are expected to budget your own time! There will be dates by which you must finish work posted clearly both online and in the classroom. You are responsible for meeting those deadlines. It is suggested that you get ahead as often as possible!

What apps should I have for class?

What if I need help?


You can make comments on assignments to ask your classmates for help!

Our class is located at:

Class code: TXRFZ-J2RDR

Small Group Instruction

There will be opportunities in class for extra tutoring in small groups. You might be requested to join them, but most often, attendance will be left up to you. You are responsible for assessing your own needs!


You are completely empowered to find extra information on google! If you find something great, consider sharing it with your classmates on Schoology!

What is expected of me during class?

What if I'm absent?

Almost all work will be posted online. If a copy of any in-class assignment is not posted to Schoology by the end of the day, don't be afraid to ask a friend! You are allowed three days after an absence to complete work (longer absences will result in more flexible deadlines).

For Parents - How You Can Help