Mrs. Snyder's Spectator

February 10th-14th

Related Arts


T-P.E. *Wear gym shoes*

W-Music & Library *Bring your recorders and your books*



Important Dates


11th - PTO Open Forum & Carnival Planning (7-8pm)

17th - President's Day (NO SCHOOL)

21st - $1 Hat Day (All money goes to CRES Scholarship Fund)

*DOE has pushed back testing dates. ISTEP will now begin the week of March 10th. More information will follow as this is all I know currently. I am very grateful for the additional instructional days after the loss of them due to the winter weather.*


We are finishing Unit 16: Lines, Angles, and Shapes. Due to the weather last week our test over Unit 16 will be on Tuesday, February 18th. Study guides will go home on Thursday.

We will be starting an independent project creating and drawing a geometric town. Students will be using their knowledge of lines, angles, and shapes to create a town incorporating all these features. Students will be given about 30 minutes of time in class daily to work on this project but may need to finish the project at home. The project is due Wednesday, February 19th. When finished, these projects will be going on the bulletin board to display our knowledge and creativity.

*If you have a protractor at your house, please have the student bring it back ASAP.*


We are continuing science Unit 2: Heat and Electricity. We learned about static electricity: see below for the fun experiment we did involving charging a balloon with our hair & clothes to get items to attract to the balloon. We learned that particles with the opposite charge attract each other and particles with like charges repel. This week and next we will be creating circuits. We will be constructing series and parallel circuits, looking at how flashlights have a simple circuit, using & creating a morse code (which uses a simple circuit), and testing materials to see if they are insulators or conductors.

Essential Questions: What is electricity? How do we use electricity? How can we construct an electric circuit? What are some conductors and insulators? What is heat and how does heat transfer?


We are continuing our Non-Fiction/Informational Unit. This unit is a project based unit incorporated technology and cross-curricular activities. Our essential question we are researching is "How does tourism affect Indiana's economy?" Based on the students interests, they each chose their region and were put into groups based on their choice. Now the students will be working collaboratively to research tourist attractions in their regions and figuring out what information they need to know to help encourage tourists to visit their region. They will be deciding as a group what final project they will be creating. They might create a commercial similar to the Pure Michigan commercials to get people interested in their region or tourist brochures, poster, etc. This project involves using technology to help us research so if a student has their own device it would be a great resource to bring in during this unit.


We are starting our Non-Fiction/Informational Unit for the next 6 weeks. We will have a Quiz on Tuesday over non-fiction text features. We have been studying them and figuring out how they help us read non-fiction text. This week we are going to be focusing on identifying the main idea and the supporting details in a text. We will be also be learning how to respond and record our thoughts when reading non-fiction. We will be using our mini-lessons in reading in our writing unit as well, to help us organize and record our research information for our region of Indiana.

*Students have gotten so excited to tell me about the books they are reading and finishing! Their goals have really helped students set a plan for what they want to accomplish and it has been exciting for me to see students already reach some of their goals and now set new ones!*


  • Our friendship party is THIS friday if students are interested in bringing in Valentine's please make sure they address them to every student in the class (See class list attachment for names) and bring them on Friday.
  • NWEA reports will go home via student take home folders this week.
  • Last Friday we had Jim "Basketball" Jones visit our school for a school-wide assembly. He had great reminders for students to be kind, practice 'patient listening', and understanding it's okay to make mistakes. Ask your students about it! (See below for a picture of Jim and our students practicing kindness to one another)

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