Big Ben

By: Audra Young

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Big Ben the Most Interesting Clocktower

According to new report" Big Ben may never ring again". It will cost about $45 million to renovate the bell if not say goodbye to the pleasant rings of London's bell tower. Big Ben or officially known, as The Elizabeth Tower is interesting because of its varied past, architecture, and bell. Many events contribute to Big Ben's name and history. As a matter of fact, Big Ben is a hard worker, the clock has seldom not worked and has many stylish characteristics. Ben's build is very lively, taking into account how many times it has to ring throughout the day.
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The Elizabeth Tower has a tragic and varied history. According to, "Palace of Westminster was destroyed by fire in 1834. In 1844 it was decided the new building for house of Parliament should be a tower and clock." Equally important the Elizabeth Tower got the nickname "Big Ben" because it refers to a massive bell that weighs 13 tons.
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Coming of Name

Later the coming of the nickname "Big Ben" for the bell tower in London was questioned. Big Ben first was thought to be named after "Sir Benjamin Hall, who oversaw the installation of the Great Bell," it stated in "Big Ben" an article on Wikipedia. Although Big Ben could also be named after Benjamin Caunt England's heavyweight boxing champion
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The building of Big Ben was very eventful. For one thing Edmund Beckett Denison and Edward Dent designed Big Ben together, but Edward suggested the idea Edmund made any changes necessary. Looking back Big Ben was molded on April 10, 1858 and it took two weeks for him to cool off. In addition on May 31, 1859 Ben began working and first tolled on July 11, 1859. Big Ben was sure to be made properly so the tolls could sound for decades.
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Big Ben's Bell

London's bell known as Big Ben rings out often throughout the day. In fact Ben rings out every hour on the hour and every 15 minutes to signify every quarter hour. Important to realize on BBC during December of 1923 Big Ben's tolls were broadcasted live. Interestingly enough the tradition still lives on today as occasionally Big Ben will be heard live on BBC.

Cool Features

Big Ben has rarely been out of work and has many cool features. In this case underneath Ben's clock face words read DOMINE SALVAM FAC REGINAM NOSTRAM VICTORIAM PRIMAM in Latin meaning, "O Lord, keep safe our Queen Victoria the First," said article from Also a unique bulb above the clock face lights up when the House of Parliaments has a meeting. Another key point is Big Ben has continued to work and seldom stopped even when obstacles such as when the commons chamber got bombed and demolished during World War 2.
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Legacy of Ben

Big Ben is a remarkable structure and has stood for a long, long time hopefully it will stand and and ring for many more. The building, name, and sounds of Ben make the clock tower more interesting than any other. Numerous events have shaped to clocks history and made it into the Big Ben we know today. Not only that, but also the building was hectic same with ringing with it going off throughout the day. Last, but not least Ben has rarely been out of work. To bring happiness in others of London Big Ben needs to continue ringing. Will London somehow find the money to continue the legacy of Big Ben?

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