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Home Depot Huntington Beach

Tuesday, March 10th, 9-11:30am

7100 Warner Ave

Huntington Beach, CA

Home Depot staff has planned an incredible Girls Fly! experience just for YOU!

Thank You Home Depot!!!

Girls Fly! and Mayor Aja Brown send a BIG Thank You to Home Depot Compton and Home Depot Huntington Beach! Thank you for welcoming us. Your generosity of time, talent and encouragement will change lives.
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Join Mayor Aja Brown!

How different would the world be if all women and girls were supported in realizing their dreams—the dreams that we have to be secure financially, philanthropically, within our families, to change our communities and to build our countries? Aja Brown, Mayor of the City of Compton, will co-host the national launch of Girls Fly! Global Call To Action for Women & Girls to support YOUR empowerment.
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What is Girls Fly! ? Answer: A Safe Place To Move Your Dreams Forward

Girls Fly! is a collaboration of local partners who want YOU to succeed with your dreams.

Girls Fly! offers
  • Inspiring messages, tools and support.
  • One day, live, interactive, hands-on experiences supported by the best Dream Releasers in your local community.
  • Complete discovery exercises that help move you along in your dream journey.
  • A safe place for you to focus on your dreams.
  • Mentors, supporters, cheerleaders from a community of women and girls who share the same dream as you.
  • Resources and information to move your dreams into reality.
  • Experiences that inform you on the power of your most sacred dreams and careers in science, technology, engineering, arts and math - STEM+Art.
  • Experiences that help you see the earning potential to grow your financial literacy.
  • Girls Fly! partners with local communities to empower their girls and women, through a wide variety of iFly experiences. These iFly experiences are customized to the local city, with our Girl’s Fly! outreach presence on national and international levels. Girls Fly! mission and vision is The Global Call To Action for Women and Girls.

Girls Fly! Mission

Girls Fly! Mission – Personal impact, at local levels to advance women and girls globally.

Our Goal:

  • To make one female smile tears of joy because her self-worth is reaffirmed by knowing that she is not alone.
  • To give women clarity tied to their most personal dreams.
  • To unlock your heart. To give you a clearer path to your dreams.
  • A community of people who believe in YOU and your dreams.

Girls Fly! Vision

Vision: The Girls Fly! brand signifies a Global Call To Action for Women & Girls.

  • Our brand equates safe spaces to empower the dreams held privately within the hearts of women and girls, in every part of the world, regardless of her age or life circumstances.
  • Girls Fly! experiences connect the dots of a woman’s financial literacy, her financial sustainability and careers associated with science, technology, engineering, arts and math experiences.
  • Girls Fly! inspires giving. Once a woman or girl realizes the power of her dreams, she will cherish the opportunity to help others do the same.
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