By: Bode Eisenmenger


In this presentation you will learn about the basics of volcanoes, what its like on the inside, and why they erupt. I hope you enjoy

The Basics On Volcanoes

What is a volcano? "A volcano is an opening or vent in which lava, gas, rock, and ash burst from!" Active volcanoes often erupt. Non active volcanoes are called dormant, but they most likely will erupt again. An extinct volcano will most likely never erupt again. " A volcano has three main parts the volcanic form, the chimney, and the magma reservoir.
Bill Nye the Science Guy®: Volcanoes - Video

Inside The Volcano

Merrilee Hooker in her book disasters volcanoes says that The " volcano has 3 main parts: the volcanic form, the chimney, and the magma reservoir."

The volcanic form is the cone around the chimney or vent. The vent or chimney is were the mama builds up and releases. Last but not least the magma reservoir is a puddle of magma at the bottom of the volcano.

Why Do Volcanoes erupt?

Volcanoes erupt when tectonic plates move. Most eruptions happen on the edges of these plates. The reason volcanoes erupt is because the magma builds up pressure. Then when the volcano builds up as much as it can hold it blows out lava, ash, and volcanic rock.


In the end Volcanoes can be beautiful and disastrous things. They shape the earth and impact how we live greatly. Thank you for your attention during my presentation I hope you enjoyed.


Merrilee Hooker Disasters Volcanoes 1993 The Rourke Corporation


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