Come To The Colonies

By: Annalee Young


You should come to the colonies it does not matter which one but move to one.They are all great places to live.They all are along the cost they use tools,gun powder,Water and Timber.They all have three common Jobs which are Farmer,trader,miners.Last but not least the cultures water was there transportation they cleared trees.You see all of these great colonies have similarity's but they also have differences.

New England colony

The New England colonies have cold winters and warm summers.

The land form's are great there are tons of different kind

  • Thin Rocky soil
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Forest
  • Garden
OK yes the land forms are great but the natural resources are.
  • Fish ,Timber
  • Tea,Lamp oil
  • perfume, candles
  • boats, Guns
  • Tobacco, Rice,
  • Crops

What are some Jobs you ask?

  • Local Merchandise,trade Goods
  • Fishermen,hunter
  • Cutting wood,Building ships
  • Gardeners
Goods that the people in New England colony trade is not just food its all kinds of things like.....
  • Ships,Fish
  • Tea,lamp oil
  • Perfume,candles
  • Cops
Cultures are different like the New England colonies have slaves and there is a rich culture.There are three different classes which depends on what you get the up'er class

is rich and have a lot of money.The middle class has some money so like average amount of money here.And last but not least the lower class don't have barley any money.

There are different settlements that you could live in like Massachusetts,The Bay,Colony,Providence Connecticut.They are all good places to live i mean they all have great values about them.

Middle Colony

land forms are very small in the Middle colons.

  • Rich Soil
  • Atlantic Ocean
the middle colony has a warmer climate than some colony's so if you don't like it being warm don't go to the middle colony but if you do come and live in the Middle colony.

Natural resources are a lot different than New England colonies.

  • Wheat
  • Iron
  • Rich Soil
Jobs aren't very hard to find in the Middle Colony.They ha e a job that you may won't.

  • miner,farmer
  • Trader,dock workers
  • Solider
trading is hard because they don't have much to trade but they have a little bit like wheat and iron.

middle Colony has a very simple culture the believe in peace they are peaceful people.They believe in diversity and Quakers. You don't have to live in a one settlement you have plenty of choices like New Neather land ,New Jersey,Pennsylvania,Delaware see tons of different place to live.

Southern Colony

The southern colony is the warmest colony it even has good land forms.

  • Rich Soil,Flat ground
  • Along the coast of New England
The Southern colony has lots of Natural Resources.

  • Cash crops,Sea
  • Tobacco,Ocean
  • Rice,Timber
  • Tools,salt
  • Gun powder
The Southern colony does not have as many jobs as the other colonies do.

They only have 3 main jobs.

  • Farmer
  • Fisher
  • Hunter
  • Trader
They don't Trade very many things but they do trade cash crops,tobacco,Rice.The Southern colony has a different culture.They have a king and believe in slavery which means they have slaves.Southern colony has great places to live just maybe not as many so Virginia,Carolina,Georgia which are all great.