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***There's Always Time for Beauty***

Hi Friends! Chemicals linked to breast cancer, organ cancer, learning disabilities, infertility, and other health issues are allowed to be in beauty products we use and buy everyday. The average American uses between 12 to 20 products a day. There are about 10,000 ingredients commonly found in personal care products and less than 10% have any safety data. Your skin is your largest organ and chemicals that you put on your skin enter your bloodstream in only 26 seconds! What's your beauty routine? And is it safe?

I'm a busy, busy mom of three very sporty boys! So, I'm usually the last to get ready with about 5 minutes to spare. My quick beauty routine is this. First I apply a small amount of my Countertime Day Cream. This hydrates my face and prepares it for makeup. Then, I use my all time favorite foundation, the Beautycounter Tint Skin. I really don't know what I did before this stuff! If I'm really rushing, I use my finger tips to apply the foundation all over my face. In seconds already my complexion is transformed to a smooth canvas. I quickly add blush to my cheekbones. My favorite is the Beautcounter Tawny/Whisper for that subtle rosy cheek look. Then I apply my “go-to” eye shadow the Eye Duo Peach/Bronze. I take my all over eye brush to apply the Peach color to my eye lids and then I use my crease brush for a bit of the Bronze. I pick either my black or brown Beautycounter eyeliner to line my top lid. These eyeliners are the BEST at staying put, certainly not like any other brands I've tried. I quickly add a bit of mascara to my eyelashes and Voila! Last but not least, usually on the run, I apply a lipstick. My favorite is the Raisin Lipsheer, it keeps my lips conditioned and adds a bit of color. All of our lipsticks come worry and lead free!!! I love that when I kiss my boys, I know my kisses are safe too. When I go out on the town I don't forget my Beautcounter brown eyebrow pencil to make my eyebrows look perfectly shaped. This finishes my beauty look! I'm ready for 11 sporting practices and 16 other drop-offs and pick-ups.

At Beautycounter we pride ourselves on protecting your health and the performance of all our products. Beautycounter's makeup is all safe with no heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Our makeup performs on the runway and perfectly in everyday life! To get you started switching to safer cosmetics watch out for our #Makeupmonday coming every Monday in February! Happy Valentines Day and Blessings to All!

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***Beautycounter's February Promotion #MakeupMonday***

Mondays just got a lot better! For every Monday in February, Beautycounter will run a 24-hour-only promotion on different makeup products.

Beginning TODAY, Monday, February 1st!

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What to expect?

  • 24-hour-only makeup promotions on specific products
  • 30-second tutorials from Christy Coleman that showcase each look
  • Blog posts that educate and teach makeup application
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We believe at Beautycounter our story is best told friend to friend!

Host a local social at your home or host an online social with the ones you love. Earn free products and products 50% off! Contact me directly for more information at Call or Text 949-279-1658

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Lauren Mack

My mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone, including YOU! I educate families about the need for safer chemicals in the products we use everyday. I try to make conscious choices at the market, as an informed consumer and buy food and products that are safe for me and my family.