No Backing Out for Heather & Me!

Who else is in?? A journal entry for you...

Dear 1st Impressions Team,

This WINTER HAS BEEN THE PITS!!!!!! You are NOT alone if you feel your business is far from where you want it. (Scroll down for some recent tales)

Are you feeling sluggish about what lies ahead (nothing on your calendar and/or the disenchantment of having to actually pick up the phone and take action)? Guess what...ME TOO!!!!

We're in this together baby so Heather Stephens and I are holding ourselves accountable tomorrow. We're taking care of small details that cause us to avoid contacting people tonight so that tomorrow there are NO MORE EXCUSES.

TOMORROW we're actually going to pick up that 500 pound phone and guess what, CALL PEOPLE! Less thinking, more doing.

Who'd like to join us? Why not? Do you have 3 hours? 15 mins. 5 mins? How about:
  • blocking off some time tomorrow
  • put your blinders on so you don't get distracted doing something else
  • pick up that phone
  • push through a minimum of 5 calls (you'll feel so much better about your wording once you've worked through at least 5)
  • and just DO IT!

Here's what I'm going to say if I get her on the phone...

Hello Cindy,

I hope you've been handling the winter okay. I for one have had it so I'm immersing myself in fun, fashion and thought of you! We just released a few of our pieces from our Summer Collection and they have completely lifted my mood. You will LOVE the gorgeous blush colors. I'll send you an email with the images.

Anyway, I'm excited to share this new line and am booking up my spring which led me to you. It was so nice meeting you at Susie's show last fall that I wanted to reach out and see if you'd like to gather some friends for a few hours of stylish fun. I figure it was such a pleasure to hang out with you that you must have a great group of friends too! What do you say to a little coffee around the kitchen table to shake things up?

I've got a few dates left this month and would love to offer one to you. You all will love the spring line. The best part is that you'd earn loads of freebies. My hostesses on average earn $250+ in FREEBIES plus they can shop at 1/2 off just for hanging out with friends for a few hours. What day of the week or weekend do you like to get together with your friends?

Tuesday? Great, I've got Tuesday, the 24th or the even 17th open. Which would be better for you? The kitchen table is all we need :)

Here's what I'll say if I get voicemail...

Hi Cindy,

It's Carrie McGraw with Stella & Dot. I hope you are surviving the winter okay. Spring is around the corner thank goodness!!! I've got a really fun idea to lift our spirits and want to run something by you. Will you text or email me when you might have a few mins?

Thanks a bunch!


Hi Cindy,

It's Carrie McGraw with Stella & Dot. I hope you're surviving the winter okay! Listen, I wanted to check in with you because I have thousands of dollars worth of FREE spring accessories to give away and I immediately thought of you. Will you give me a ring when you get a chance? I've got a fun idea for you. Thanks!

Not so tough right? You're offering a great deal to these special people. Give them the gift and pick up that phone :)

Now for those tales I told you about...Newbies, it's not usually this bad...its truly just a uniquely bad winter.

Last weekend on 3/1, Heather Stephens and I drove from Boston down to NYC because we each at a trunk show from 1-3pm. Some of you may have read this story on our Facebook Team Page. Well my hostess invited 37 people and only 3 could make it. This was a show that was postponed from February so I felt I had to do it would be fun to ride with Heather and our fun teammate Shawn Thompson came to observe the show and hopefully get a few tips. And of course, I'm OBSESSED WITH FRONT-LOADING MY MONTH :)

Once we got down to NYC, my hostess said two people couldn't make it. Great. I told her to just invite the entire apartment building but she said the only one around is one woman who's old and can't walk up the stairs.

Well two guests walked in right away (surprise!) and immediately told me they don't wear jewelry. Okay I thought. We've got beautiful scarves, wallets and bags too. They seemed skeptical but ultimately they bought a few things. Sweet: Two hours in and I was at about $125 in sales. At the final 15 mins. another guest came in and kept me there for two more hours as she wanted to get personalized attention and the full rundown of the line. I obliged and luckily she purchased over $500! Whew! I WAS QUALIFIED ON 3/1!!!

The best part is that there was yet another snow storm when we were leaving the city. We were heading to my parents in CT which is usually one hour away. Well, with this doozy of a day of course it had to be a 3 HOUR DRIVE going 0-12 MPH on the highway due to the storm. Oh and did I mention I was sick as a dog? No doubt Heather and Shawn were psyched about that ;)

A long trip for that show but still worth the qualification and giggles with Heather and Shawn...and a fun dinner with my parents. Lots of silver linings.

Second trunk show of the week...

A lovely hostess who we hope will become a stylist!

Back up in my neck of the woods I had another show two days later with a sweet, fun, fashionable young mom. She would love this job I thought! She was the perfect hostess: gave me a big list of email addresses, made her house nice and cozy, and dressed the part while actively engaging in all the guests and encouraging them to try pieces on. She did everything right.

A new stylist, Ricki Benjamin joined me to observe. I did my Group Hello, talked about versatility, engaged with the guests and sold a whooping $335. What?! That has never happened to me! My main goal is always to get the hostess to the top bracket of FREE product credit ($1000+ show). I still don't know what happened. Guests were just happy with a pair of earrings. I'm thrilled about that but you better believe I'm helping her get outside orders to help boost her rewards.

Moral of the story? Sometimes shows just don't pan out as you expect them to. My guess is that our winter has been so nutty that we're all a little out of wack.

But fear not, I've been down this winter road before. Guess what:

EACH YEAR the snow goes away and the flowers start to bloom!

EACH YEAR the birds start to chirp and people's moods and attitudes brighten.

EACH YEAR women get excited to have a rebirth in the spring, see their friends again and open their homes to stylish FUN!

Don't fret....this will happen again as it does year after year. All you have to do to change the tides now is PICK UP THE PHONE and OFFER this super fun experience :)


Mini-Hoopla in CT this Saturday! - Join us!

Danielle is flying in from Canada. Madeline Simpson is flying from California. People are traveling far distances because this Saturday is going to ROCK!

This Basics Bootcamp (the only one in the US this month) will offer training, coaching tips, motivation and lots of fun! Stars and above can also attend a special Coffee Chat with the Home Office team. One lucky Stylist will even win a FREE Hoopla registration!

Don't miss out on this opp to learn, have a blast and prep your business for its SPRING BURST! Email me if you can come! Special treats for those who make the trek!:
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US Team: Find a call that fits your business this week and mark it in your calendar:

Dial into: 1-800-747-5150
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UK Team Find Yours Here:

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Let's re-engage together! Make it a great week :)

Carrie McGraw
Star Director & Founding Leader