Global Climate Change

By Jordan Pollard

What is global warming, or global climate change?

Global climate change, or global warming, is the gradual increase of the earth’s average temperature over a long period of time.

What causes global climate change?

The cause of global climate change is the increase of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Greenhouse gases such as CO2 (carbon dioxide) and CH4 (methane) that trap heat energy from the sun in our atmosphere causing the earth to heat up. Everyday pollution like cars, smoke from factories, and the burning of fossil fuels are what put these gases in the air.

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What are the consequences of global warming, and why should we care?

There are many things that rising temperatures on earth can affect and that we should be concerned about, here are just a few.

  • It changes the earth’s weather patterns causing them to be more extreme, which in turn can impact many peoples lives from the destruction caused by these storms.

  • It affects the water supply in several parts of the world. Most of the western US is dependent on the water that comes from the melting snow and ice in the mountains.

  • Global warming can also affect the health of infants and elderly when extreme heat waves hit.

  • Some animals and plants may not be able to survive these changes and become extinct.

  • Lots of winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and ice fishing will no longer be able to be enjoyed.

  • Many trees will die from forest fires and droughts. The lack of trees will greatly affect the earth’s oxygen levels.

Things you can do to help

There are many things an individual can do to “reduce their carbon footprint.” Such as:

  • Switch to using compact fluorescent light bulbs.

  • Turn off lights in a room when your not using them.

  • Unplug things more often.

  • Carpool with friends.

  • When it’s colder outside turn your thermostat down.

  • When it's warmer outside turn your thermostat up.

  • Grow your own fruits and vegetables in a garden.