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Information about Ohio State

Ohio State in a team that is in the B1G ( Big 10) league and recently won the 2014 National Championship. Their mascots name is Brutus. Now they are recently not going to the National Championship game because they just lost to Michigan State and their record was 10-1 but they beat Michigan 48 to 13 and now they are 11-1 and if they beat Notre Dame in January 1 they might be able to go to the Fiesta Bowl
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Keys For Ohio State vs Notre Dame

Watch Injuries,Connection,Notre Dame offense and defense,and the series (record)

Ohio State VS Notre Dame

Friday, Jan. 1st 2016 at 1pm

411 Woody Hayes Drive

Columbus, OH

Ohio State will go against Notre Dame at the Fiesta Bowl

Facts About Ohio state

Head Coach - Urban Meyer Mascot - Brutus Buckeye Marching Band - Ohio State University Band Conference - Big 10 Conference Band Songs - Ohio State Battle Cry,Across the Field,and Carmen Ohio

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