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Back to School, Volume #5: 2020-2021

It's almost here!!

We are so excited to see our face-to-face Patriots tomorrow and begin getting to know our virtual Patriots online.

I have posted a few reminders below about our face-to-face day (from start to finish) to help ease any worries. Also, linked below is our Virtual Open House website. If you have not taken a look and worked through the checklist, please do so.

Our staff has worked incredibly hard to prepare for these unprecedented times. I truly cannot praise their efforts enough. Their love for your children is so evident in the commitment they have made to new procedures, new scheduling, new instructional tools, and anything & everything that has been asked of them.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day! Will it be perfect? No. Will we ask for your patience as we work to adjust to this new normal? Yes. Are we fully committed to partnering with you to ensure a great year of growth & learning for your student? ABSOLUTELY!


Amanda Thrower


Liberty's Virtual Open House Website

Click Here to Access All of Our Traditional Open House Activities

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We will spread out early arrivals as much as possible in the Cafeteria, Gym, and Media Center. At 8:35, when our buses begin arriving, students will be released to their first class of the day. We are following the Red Day schedule tomorrow. Teachers and Support Staff will be actively monitoring hallways and helping students find their destinations.


We have already issued most of our 6th grade lockers at Camp Liberty, and will issue 7th and 8th grade tomorrow. The $5.00 locker fee you will see on My Payments Plus funds the upkeep, cleaning, and re-coding of our lockers from year to year. If your student will be using a locker, please make sure to login to My Payments Plus to pay this $5.00.

If you are worried about your student carrying a lot of supplies tomorrow, they can cut down on their load by just bringing their Red Day supplies on Thursday and their Blue Day supplies on Friday.


We are encouraging one-way traffic on hallways as much as possible and have signage in place to remind students. Please encourage them to stay on the RIGHT side of the hallway as much as possible.

There are hand sanitizer stations by every classroom door. We will be reminding students to sanitize their hands as the enter and exit each class. Your reminders are appreciated, too!


As previously shared, students will be eating in classrooms to cut down on large crowds in the cafeteria. We are unable to use microwaves this year, so if you are sending lunch from home - please make sure it does not require microwaving.

Please also be sure to send your student with a full water bottle, as water fountains have been turned off in order to mitigate the spread of germs. We are very happy to announce that two water-bottle fill stations are being installed tomorrow morning! One will be down by the gym, and the other will be across from the cafeteria entrance - so our students will have a safe place to refill water bottles throughout the day. We want to thank Vulcan Materials, one of our partners in education, for sponsoring the purchase of one of these stations!


In an effort to mitigate crowding at the front of the school during dismissal, we’re asking you to text your child once you have passed Matt Elementary in the car line. Your child will then show their last period teacher your text, and they will be included in the next round of dismissal. Students without phones will go in the following round. This will help stagger students dismissing.

The safety of your child is our top priority. Please adhere to the following procedures:

  • Please Do Not fill the LEFT LANE until 4:00 P.M. This lane is to be left open for access in case of emergency.
  • At 4:00, the RIGHT lane vehicles should pull all the way to the front door and the Left Lane may begin filling. Please begin the double lane merge at this time.
  • Please stop and allow for Matt employees and buses to exit (refer to map).
  • Due to the increased number of buses. No car pickups will be allowed in the bus area/lane.
  • Children of employees of Matt Elementary will be escorted to the door where they will need to enter the school to report to parent.
  • Walkers will exit through the gym doors.
  • Car Riders will exit through the front doors.

Thank you for helping to make this a smooth ending to our school day.

General Health Precautions

  • Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the building, but we encourage students to bring their own, as well.
  • Our custodians will be sanitizing classrooms every afternoon. If you want to send cleaning wipes with your student to wipe down surfaces before use, please just make sure they are not bleach-based products.
  • It is the expectation of staff and students to wear masks, if they are able. We want to be able to maintain face-to-face instruction all year. In order to do so, we MUST work to keep each other safe; mask-wearing is a significant part of this.

Teacher and Schoolwide Supply Drive

We are still collecting classrooms supplies for our teachers, and we would greatly appreciate any and all donations. Please look for the yellow boxes in the front of the school to drop-off donations. In addition to everyday school supplies, items such as hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, paper towels, and disposable masks are especially appreciated this year.
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