Yancey Adult Learning Newsletter

Week of November 17, 2014

Thoughts for the Week

I've been in a lot of classrooms in the last several weeks. Some items that I pay particular attention to when I'm in a classroom are:

Is the objective of the lesson obvious and grade-level aligned, but more importantly is the teaching/learning that is going on going to meet the objective at that level?

How much time is teacher talk? How much student talk?

If there is independent work occurring, is it challenging, yet could be completed independently?

As we continue to improve as a school, we must all be mindful of these questions.

Have a great week,

Shout Outs

Bird, Tricia, and Marie for paying attention to the staff room compost bin!

Renee and Cheri for being flexible about their space.

Stephanie and Bryant for putting in the extra effort to make sure that the room switch happened in 24 hours.


Craig out on Tuesday until 11 for principal's meetings.

We will have an assembly this Friday at 1:15 in the gym. School-wide gathering!

Please remember your baskets for the silent auction - December 12th will be here before we know it!

Contest Winner - Tim Howeth whose goal is to support students in their genius hour projects so that the students remain passionate throughout the process, and the projects are challenging and meaningful.

Newlsetter Updates:

If you have announcements, pictures, or shout outs, please send to Craig.

If you have events for the calendar, please send to Jennifer Wilkes or Cathy Martin.

Upcoming Events

TA Meeting

Monday, Nov. 17th, 1:15pm

Room 10

Faculty Meeting - Vocabulary

Thursday, Nov. 20th, 2:30pm

Room 10


Friday, Nov. 21st, 1:15pm


School Improvement Meeting

Friday, Nov. 21st, 2:45pm


Thanksgiving Feast

Tuesday, Nov. 25th, 10:30am


Faculty Meeting - Project Based Learning

Thursday, Dec. 4th, 2:45pm


Book Fair

Friday, Dec. 5th, 7:45am-8pm


Faculty Meeting - Vocabulary

Thursday, Dec. 11th, 2:45pm

Room 10

Winter Extravaganza

Friday, Dec. 12th, 6pm


Calendar for 14-15

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