By: Emily Larson


When staying at Bumblebee's, your food supply will be plentiful! You can dine at Bumble Bistro or collect your own pollen and nectar in our many fields. You can even have some delivered to your hive! All of our food comes from the best flowers available! It's heaven for herbivores!

Join our band: The Backstreet Buzz


For housing, you can stay in a lovely hive. We have a variety of flower fields to choose from that are pesticide free. The weather is always warm and sunny, and Bumblebee's is for bees only!

What to do

When staying at Bumblebee's, a wide variety of activities are available. You can hang out in the town where you can dine at Bumble Bistro, listen to the band preform or chill in the nectar pool. You can even take a tour of our 6 flower fields!


If you need some alone time, you can can drop off eggs, larvae, and pupae where they will be entertained with fun activities. There is plenty of room for them to fly around!

We guarantee that you will enjoy your stay!