How Dance Has Changed

How has dance change as we have changed?

Evolution and The Famous

Dance has changed a lot as society and people have changed. Yet some styles of dance have stuck with us to this day.

Just like the real world, dance has celebrities. Misty Copeland is the Elizabeth Banks of today and Addison Moffett is like Lorde. There are studios that only take the best dancers like Mather Dance Company. There are also elegant dances such as The Nutcracker, witch is a very famous dance preformed on only the best stages. Also, there are very prestigious colleges like Jophery and Julliard, both located in New York City, that are dedicated to training high-class dancers.

What is dance?

Dance is the art of movement of the body, usually to music, using choreographed and rehearsed moves . "A dance" is any one sequence of such movements or an event at which it takes place. And yes, it is classified as a sport.


How Society has Changed Dance!

Dance Today

Back when society was prim and proper, and people went to classy balls and galas, dance was also in that state. Some people do that today, but society is mostly laid back and casual, and so is dance. We got contemporary from the life style and hip-hop from all the celebrity influences of today.

Changing Ways and Rock solid Requierments

Styles, Costumes, and Ability, have stayed and gone away, but the requirements to work hard and have a true passion, will never leave dance.