"Stealth Hunter 2" The Game

By Moody Raptor

What is Stealth hunter 2

Stealth Hunter 2 is like a game without any guns, and you are going to enemies home to get most secret information and after to escape. You can use Neck Break at first then you can use the pistol if somebody see you or the camera see you the alarm will on then you might die.

How to beat Stealth Hunter 2

The Video above was how you beat 16,17,18 levels of Stealth hunters 2, After you get all the guns and things, don't waste the ammo, just use to destroy some camera or killed everyone when the alarms was on, and also when the alarm was on, you need to quickly change to your gun or found a place to hide, thats all.
Stealth hunter 2 walkthrough levels 16,17,18