Is it worth walking out of school?

Allie M, Carlos A, Josue G, & Isaiah K

How it came to be

It all began in Portland, Oregon of January 19, 2017, when not only students, but teachers participated. "Participants walked out of school at 3:15 p.m. and gathered at Pioneer Courthouse Square. They began marching at 5 p.m., and planned to give speeches following a half-hour march to the Salmon Street Springs at Waterfront Park. The protesters briefly marched in the area for another 15 minutes before calling it a night."


Is the message strong enough?

Walk out and then what?

Will you really have a TRUE effect from this method of protesting?

Why it Is worth it

  • You have to fight for what you believe in no matter the consequences
  • An attempt to be heard and not to be seen as a negative action
  • Being able to support groups to organize events in order to increase media attention

...but why?

  • The demonstration of solidarity in the face of the harsh and unrealistic cuts proposed by the government.
  • To show how education would still be accessible to all no matter the circumstances

why it is not worth it

  • You would have triggered your parents and will receive the chancla.
  • Privileges lost such as not being able to participate in clubs, sports, organizations

...but why?

  • Would be considered pathetic and/or sad
  • Could lead to a bad image
  • Ruins not just your education, but others as well


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