Genre Presentation


Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction is when some parts of the book can be real and some parts of the book can fake.


Adventure is were there is a series of that book and the book has a quick paste to it and you should be able to picture what is going on the book.


Mystery is when the character in the story is tryIng to solve something or someone.


A Autobiography is where a well known person or a famous person writes a story about there life or childhood.


Fantasy is a genre of mythical creatures and fictional settings.


Romance is a love story of passion and chemistry.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a genre with some fake stuff and some real technology.


Biography is when somebody writes something about a famous person.


Humor is when somebody writes a funny comedy and is mainly a graphic novels.


Memoir is kind of a autobiography that tells a specific part of there life.It should be true and should not be changed from the truth.


Thriller are fiction where there is a hero who fights a bad guy that wants to destroy the hero the country and people.

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is a genre that takes place in the past. The setting is drawn from history it can have have people from history and things that really happen is history.