Dont Stress, Progress.

By: Deyanira Magana


It is important to be stress free because being really stressed out can impact your mental health. A lot of illnesses can come from being so stressed out. When you are less stressed out you are able to live a positive and healthy lifestyle. A long term goal I would like to accomplish is to be genuinely happy and to not let things I come across with let me down. "Stress is like a rocking chair. It give you something to do but it does not get you anywhere." - Unknown

Table Of Contents

Ch.1 Stressors

Ch. 2 Taking care of myself

Ch. 3 Learn to relax

Ch. 4 Change my attitude

Ch. 5 Manage my time

Ch. 6 Laughter

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Chapter 1 : Stressors

There are many things that stress me out. Some of these things include...

1. Not having enough time

2. Being under pressure

3. Schoolwork overload

4. Meeting up to everyone's expectations

5. Overthinking

What types of things stress you out?

Chapter 2 : Taking care of myself

There are two methods I use to relieve stress/release tension. Besides helping de-stress me, they also help keep me fit. You should try them too!

1. Going out for a long run to keep my mind off things.

2. Doing yoga exercises to calm me down.

Being stressed also impacts the amount of sleep you get. Sleeping is great because you never know what kind of dreams you may have. My favorite dream was when my cousin, Antonio, was alive again and we spent the whole time together. I was so glad to finally see him again. Not only does stress impact your health, but it also impacts your eating habits and the nutrition you are getting. Most of the time when you are stressed you don't get hungry. This doesn't mean that you don't eat. There are a lot of healthy snacks out there that are also delicious. Personally, I like frozen yogurt. The best part is that you can add any toppings you want to add to the flavor. What's your favorite healthy snack?

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Chapter 3: Learn to relax

There are many ways to relieve stress. Some of these things include...
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Chapter 4 : Change your attitide

Although there are things I don't like about myself, there are also things I do like.

1. My positive mindset

2. My determination

3. I'm outgoing

4. You can tell me your problems and I wont judge you

5. I always lookout for people's feelings

What things do you like about yourself?

There has been times when I had to overcome personal obstacles but the outcome was better than I expected. There was a time when I had a big project due in three months. I kept leaving it aside knowing I had time. Soon the day before the due date came and I had actually gotten very far on the project and was close to getting done. As I was finishing up, my computer died and all 54 of my PowerPoint slides were deleted. I was crushed and was just planning on not turning it in. I knew It would really impact my grade if I dint do it and my parents would be very upset. I stayed up all night doing it and was successful in completing it. Although it was wrong for having procrastinated to begin with, I was proud knowing that I had accomplished something by setting my mind to it.

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Chapter 5: Manage your time

Sometimes knowing that you don't have enough time can stress you out. There are many effective ways to manage your stress.

1. prioritize what needs to get done and when

2. Avoid distractions

3. Don't procrastinate

4. Write things down (to-do list)

5. set up reminders of what you need to get done

How do you manage your time?

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Chapter 6: Laughter

Laughter is very important. I'm always laughing! Some of the things that make me laugh are when...

1. someone says something funny

2. someone falls

3. when someone tries to be funny

4. when someone says something dumb

5. when someone I don't like gets in trouble

Joke: What did once cell say to his sister cell that stepped on his toe? "Mitosis!" (-:

(Randomly saw this on Instagram and thought it was pretty funny)

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