Milwaukee Fest

Milwaukee Fest

Milwaukee Fest is a fun festival. It has great music like polka music, country, and more! There will be fun actives like the 50/50 raffle, human hamster balls and lots more. We decided on this concert because we wanted to have multiple bands instead of one.


Milwaukee fest will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The population in Milwaukee is about 599,164. The weather will be around 78 degrees all week. Some great hotels in Milwaukee are The Brewhouse Inn & Suites and The Iron Horse Hotel. Other things you could do in Milwaukee are, Discovery World, County Zoo, Recreation Center, and Bounce Milwaukee. We choose Milwaukee because it has a large population and lots of things to do when your bored.
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The design of our ticket has a little of our logo. The MF stands for Milwaukee Fest. Each day will cost $12.00. When the people buy the tickets they scan the bar-code to see if it's real or not.