Novio Boy

By Gary Soto


Rudy wanted to go on a date but he didn't have money so he asked for money from his family and friend then he was able to go on the fancy date with Patricia.

The theme is You don't have to be the age to have a great time

Inner Conflict-Man vs. Man, Ev. Rudy doesn't know what to say to Patricia.

External Conflict-Man vs. Society, Ev. Rudy asked for money but his family isn't exactly rich.

Cast of Main Characters

My favorite quote was "Man, it's tough being a Novio Boy"


This expresses the whole story plus it gives humor.


Strum- Play (a guitar or similar instrument) by sweeping the thumb or a plectrum up or down across the string.

Earshot-The range or distance over which one can hear or be heard.

Exude-(of a person) display (an emotion or quality) strongly and openly.

My favorite part of the story was " Man .it's tough being a Novio Boy"

Ev. It shows that it wasn't exactly easy being a Novio Boy