Mrs. Foulk's News


August is almost over!

Our first full week has been a success. We have settled into our routines for math, reading, writing and science.

I have received a couple of questions about homework. We will not begin homework routines until AFTER our Curriculum Night next week. We will discuss what our third grade homework expectations are during that evening. If you are unable to attend, I will send a handbook home for you to look over.

I would like students to get into the routine of taking their "Cougar Folder" to and from school everyday. There will be days when there are not any notes to send home or graded papers, but for the most part, there will be something for them to transport home every night.


Our lunch time is at 12:15. Several students have been pretty hungry by then. You may send one snack to school with them to eat during our reading time. Please make sure it is something that is easy to clean up and healthy. For example: Cheetos may not be the best choice for them to eat during this time, we don't need cheesy fingerprints on all of the books :).

Save Fred!

Next Week:

Math: We will begin our first math unit next week. We will be reviewing addition and subtraction strategies.

Writing:Students will begin going through the "Writing Process" with their first writing idea. We will be discussing how writers change and make alterations in their writing.

Reading: Students have begun briefly writing about their reading this week. We have had many conversations about what "Real Reading" is. Students have practiced sharing their thinking out loud, with partners and through written word. As your student is reading at home, you can ask them, "Tell me about what you are thinking." They should be able to offer some incite as to what is going on in their minds while they read the words on the page. We will introduce some strategies to try if a reader doesn't understand what they are reading as well as introduce the strategy of "Questioning" the author when reading.

Social Studies: We are going to start our first Social Studies unit next which is "Citizenship". Students will be reading about and discussing what it means to be a good citizen as well as why we have rules and laws.

Important Dates:

August 31- September 4th: Community Unity Food Drive (see information below)

September 3rd: Curriculum Night (6 pm)

September 7th: No School (Labor Day)

October 2nd: Grandparent's Day (11 am)

October 8th: 3rd Grade Art Auction and Music Performance

The Tallest Structure:

Students had the task of creating the tallest structure using only marshmallows and spaghetti straws. They had one tiny animal cracker to place on the highest point. The tallest structure was 12 1/2 inches. They loved when I called them "future engineers".

Community Unity Food Drive

August 31-Sept. 4

Next week is the annual Community Unity Food Drive. We are collecting items for our local food pantry. If you have any non-perishable food items to donate, it would be greatly appreciated. We are asking that people NOT send in peanut butter due to allergies at school. Any canned food items or non-perishable items are needed. We are in a contest with all of the other elementary schools. Let’s help CME help our community! Last year, the Blue Springs School District collected over 34,000 items to donate to our Community Service League. The district’s goal this year is to top 35,000. Every little bit helps people in our own community.

We are going to incorporate a spirit week to go along with Community Unity Week. If your child would like to participate, please donate at least one item for each day that they choose to dress up.

Monday—Hat Day

Tuesday—Slipper Day ( please bring shoes to go outside or to PE)

Wednesday---Pajama Day

Thursday---Sports Day --Wear your favorite team’s apparel.

Friday---CME Day---Wear school colors.

Each year, the elementary schools have a competition to see which school can donate the most. Last year we donated 1007 items. Let’s try to hit 1100 items this year.

Another way to help… this is information we received at school about Chick-Fil-A helping our community to help others. J Chick-Fil-A will be decorated by each high school’s Student Senate. When you eat there, just let them know which school you are supporting and a portion of the cost will be donated back to the cause.