Racism and Discrimination

By Isaiah Smith

Chamillionaire - Ridin' (Clean Version)

Ridin- Chamillionaire

This song represents racism and discrimination by cops thinking the guys had drugs on them just because of their skin color. The cops showed both racism and discrimination by their actions. They basically were saying that they think non whites are always up to no good or have drugs.

Fact- Racism involves prejudice and discrimination based upon perceived ideas about the biological differences between people.

Racism Facts, facts.net, 2015

"Weird Al" Yankovic - White & Nerdy (Official Video)

White & Nerdy- Weird Al Yankovic

This song shows racism by the white guy thinking he isn't cool enough to hang out with the black guys. They think that he is too, "white & nerdy," to hang with them. He then feels that he is a nerd or not good enough just because of his skin color.

Fact- Xenophobia is the irrational and intense hatred and fear of people from a different race.

Racism Facts, facts.net, 2015

All Black Everything - Lupe Fiasco (Lyrics On Screen)

All Black Everything- Lupe Fiasco

In this song Lupe Fiasco wonders what life would be like if there was never racism. He wonders if there would be as many problems with racial violence. Also, he doesn't think there would be places like the hood and blacks wouldn't try to act like thugs just to be cool. He wonders if blacks would even be in America if slavery had never happened also.

Fact- Supremacism is the belief that a certain racial or cultural group is superior to another.

Racism Facts, facts.net, 2015

Usher feat. NAS and Bibi Bourelly Perform "Chains"

Chains- Usher ft. Nas and Bibi Bourelly

This song is about the negative effects of police brutality on society. Usher believes that some police are more violent towards blacks than other people. He includes names like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin when bringing up this social issue.

Fact- Segregationalism is the belief that humans should be separated into their racial groups during the activities of daily life.

Racism Facts, facts.net, 2015

Complexion (A Zulu Love)

Complexion(A Zulu Love)- Kendrick Lamar

In this song, Kendrick tries to educate about the issue of colorism. He thinks it is important to love everybody no matter how light or dark their skin is. To him, it doesn't matter if you are black and your skin isn't quite as dark as some.

Fact- The Portuguese were the first to engage in the New World slave trade.

Racism Facts, facts.net, 2015

NWA - F*** Tha Police (Censored)

F*ck Tha Police- NWA

This song criticizes the local police force in Compton. NWA talks about how the police show brutality toward them just because of their skin color. They also say that the police racially profile them because of the way they look. Sometimes cops would arrest them for no real reason.

Fact- The 13th amendment abolished slavery in 1865.

Racism Facts, facts.net, 2015

T.I. - New National Anthem (Lyric Video) ft. Skylar Grey

New National Anthem- T.I.

T.I. is rapping about different socially conscious issues in this song. These include crooked cops and inequality in the criminal justice system. He doesn't like the way young black men are treated, perceived, or handled. T.I. wrote this song right after the shooting of Michael Brown.

Fact- Discrimination can eventually lead to genocide, like The Holocaust.

Racism Facts, facts.net, 2015

Kanye West - New Slaves (Clean Radio Edit)

New Slaves- Kanye West

Kanye talks about racism by referencng his mom's experiences with segregation in the 1950's. He then says that there are new slaves in America today. These, "slaves," are the disproportionate number of blacks in prison on drug charges. He believes blacks are a target for drugs and people of other races can get away with drugs easier.

Fact- In 1966, the United Nations officially condemned racism.

Racism Facts, facts.net, 2015