Kamlowsky's Korner

Spring Mills High School

October 19, 2020

Good Morning,

Each morning we will be sending reminders of what the day will look like while we are out on remote learning. For Brick students, we will be following our normal schedule for the week. Today we will follow the normal Monday schedule so you need to log into Schoology and check in with your teachers in all seven classes. They should have bell-ringers and assignments posted as well as times for you to be checking in with them if you need to. These times should closely mirror the regular bell-schedule times you are in class:

1st Period (8:05 - 8:31)

2nd Period (8:39 - 9:10)

3rd Period (9:18 - 9:44)

4th Period (9:52 - 10:18)

HR/ Lunch (10:26 - 11:26)

5th Period (11:34 - 12:04)

6th Period (12:12 - 12:40)

7th Period (12:48 - 1:15)

Please do the best you can to check in with your teachers today as they will be outlining what the week will be looking like for you. We will send a message each morning with your bell-schedule to remind you what classes you should be logging in and working on. We understand this will be new and that you will be doing this for the first time so we are stressing patience and flexibility. You do, however, need to login and complete whatever assignments are posted.

If you are a Click student, you will continue to work the same way you have been – Nothing changes for you.

Please work with your teachers to ensure all assignments and class materials are completed to the best of your ability.

Thank you – Let’s have a great week and be safe.

Jason Kamlowsky

Principal, Spring Mills High School
Berkeley County Schools
499 Campus Drive | Martinsburg, WV 25404
Phone: 304.274.5141 | Fax: 304.274.5144