Life in Southeast United States

By: Beau Pribula


Landforms in the South are beautiful. The amazing Mississippi River borders Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee. This river stretches over 2,000 miles! The Hot Springs in Arkansas can reach over 143 degreesF! And the fun amusement park in Florida will be your kids trip of a lifetime! Explore and witness the fun of Disney World! Ride the fun rides and roller coasters!
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Bodies of water that run along the coast is the Atlantic ocean. Another bodie of water is the Gulf of Mexico. The states in the Southeast are, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. The average tempatare in the summer is 70-79 degreesF and in the winter it is 40-49 degreesF.The population of the Southeast United States is 13,304,324.

Natural Wonder

The natural wonder is the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River is a long river that runs along Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky. The Mississippi Rver attracts lot of tourists, it is the largest river in the United States and the 2nd largest river in the world! Stretching over nearly 2,000 miles long.

Natural and Made made Resources

Some big natural resources are in sweet home Alabama! Here, Iron Ore is mined,Coal, and Limestone! Alabma is the only place in the world where you can find these items within a ten mile radious! Another popular recourse is in the Sunshine State! About 80% of the US oranges come from Florida! But 9 of every 10 of those oranges are turned into orange juice! Iron Ore is heated in a blast furnace, which turns it into Pig Iron, which is manufactured into Steel! Lots of manufactured items come from Florida, like oranges, sugarcane, tomatoes, and cattle! What a nice place to live!!


If you are a farmer, this is the #1 place to live in america! Millions of years ago, the Gulf Of Mexico covered south Alabama. When it went down it left a strip of pure, rich, dark soil called Black Belt. Black Belt is really good for cattle, and so much more. The south is also perfect growing weather. In states like Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia are known for their farming. Major crops are peanuts, tobacco, corn, soybean, and cotton.

Beautiful Sites and Landforms

Beautiful sites and sounds are in the Southeast. The Appalachian Mountains are a beautiful site. But the beautiful rolling hills and farmland can be a delight!!

Tourist Attractions

The Everglades National Park, in Florida, USA, is the largest tropical wilderness, and the largest wilderness of any kind, east of Mississippi! And, is by far the most beautiful! It is located in Miami-Dade Florida, and is visited by an average of one million people each year! The everglades is covered in green grass, and a beautiful site. It is also home to 36 threatened species. It also supports 350 different species of birds, 300 salt water fish, 40 of mammals, and of 50 reptiles!!! People love to see the animals, and the beautiful sites and sounds!!


If you are a collage football fan, the southeast is your land!! Southeast is home of the SEC witch rules the country in football! The Alabama Crimson Tide, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, LSU, Florida State, Clemson, Georgia, Arkansas, and much more, all in the Southeast! Collage Football Playoffs can be ruled by the southeast, join the mojo of football in the Southeast!!