Jules Verne

The Nautilus

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Summary of 20,000 Leagues

20,000 Leagues under the sea is a book that takes place back in the 18 hundreds. It starts off when a giant "narwhal" starts attacking ships. The leaders of the major contrary's get together and decide they need to do something about this "narwhal". They make a search boat to hunt down the "narwhal". A French professor joins the search boat to see the giant "narwhal". The search boat eventually finds the "narwhal" and fallows it. In the battle against the "narwhal," The professor, his servant, and a fellow hunter(Ned Land) get thrown overboard and discover it's not a narwhal at all. It's a...

to find out the read READ THE BOOK!

Warning Spoiler Alert If You Read This!!!!!!

It turns out the narwhal was a submarine named the Nautilus commanded by the misterius Captain Nemo. The professor and his friends are captured and given a choice. They can be put back in the ocean and left to die or can be prisoners on the Nautilus forever. They chose to stay on the Nautilus forever.

This book is about there adventures onboard. ENJOY!

What I think about the book

I realy enjoyed the book. I loved how the author (Jules Verne) incorporated so much adventure and imagination to make 20 thousand leagues what it is. What I think is realy amazing, is how this book was written in the 18 hundreds but the technology in it is relevant to today's technology. That is what I love about this book!

What others in my group think about the book

Max likes this book for a number of reasons. One He likes how the author Jules Verne uses his perception and wording to evoke a certain image in your mind. Second he likes the word choice Jules Verne uses.

Read the book before you watch the movie. trust me you'll be happier!!

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