Morning Book Club @DMMS

Sign-up will take place in December

Searching for a New Book?

How about trying morning book club at DMMS?

What is book club?
Morning book club offers you a chance to read a book and discuss the book with your peers/friends. Meetings take place during Homeroom time.

Can you tell me a little more about book club?

When: You will have 2-4 weeks to read your book

Please watch the announcements to see when your meeting will take place.

Meetings will be on Mondays or Wednesdays during morning homeroom time.

What: Read the book and think of things you would like to discuss at the meeting.

Even if you do not finish the book, you still can come to the meeting.

Where: On the day of your meeting come to the media center and Mrs. Healy will direct you to your meeting place.

What do I do at the meeting?

There will be a snack and juice to eat at the meeting. There will be an adult at the meeting to get things started, but you decide and your peers decide what you will talk about at the meeting.

Keep your book until the meeting date. If you lose or wreck the book, you will be asked to pay for it.

Questions? See Mrs. Healy in the media center.

What Books Will Be Available?