Next Steps for Remote Learning

Buffett Bulletin August 2020

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the 2020-21 school year! Students and teachers are off to a great start. What are the next steps for remote learning? This bulletin will give some helpful tips for students and parents. Read more to find out what you can do to have a successful start to remote learning!

Our First Day!

What is the daily schedule for remote learning?

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What are the next steps?

Organize, organize, organize!

Now that you have picked up the supplies you will need for classes, it is time to get organized! Create a school area that is quiet and comfortable. Organize your supplies and get ready for your classes to start. Watch this video to see other great tips!

How do you get logged into your computer?

Know your username and password!

Logging into your computer is easy as long as you know your username and password. If you forgot what your username and password are, checkout this video to see where you can find them!

Where do you find TEAMS?

Stay in the desktop version for a better experience!

The TEAMS app usually opens up automatically once you log into your computer. If it doesn't, there are plenty of other ways to find the application. Check out this video.

How do you find your classes?

Let's talk about the features of TEAMS!

TEAMS offers various features for students. You will use some of the features more than others. However, it is important to know how they all work, especially the calendar feature! Watch this video to go on a quick tour of TEAMS.

How do you join a class?

It's time for class. Let's join!

Your teachers and fellow classmates will all be joining the classes in TEAMS at the same time as you! Make sure you are on time and ready to learn. Watch this video to see how to join your class.

How do you participate in class?

Use the tools!

There are various ways to participate in class just like in a regular classroom. A remote learning classrooms provides opportunities for you to interact with your teachers and classmates by asking questions, typing comments in the chat, raising your virtual hand, and much more. Watch this video!

How can you contact your teachers?

Send them an email!

You have learned a lot about remote learning throughout these videos. Remember, school starts at 7:40 A.M. every day and we will rotate A/B days. Follow your schedule and reach out to your teachers if you need help. Good luck, Bobcats! #wearebuffett

How can parents help with remote learning?

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Remote Learning Expectations

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Need Help Troubleshooting?

Here are our Top 10 Tips

10. If TEAMS isn't on your desktop, you can go the Windows Start menu and Teams is listed on School Essentials in the start menu.

9. If you have having mic issues, make sure to click the ellipses and then click device settings. You want to make sure it says you are using the built-in microphone and internal mic and speakers.

8. If you are still having mic issues, try using headphones that have a mic.

7. If you are having computer issues (but your computer isn't damaged), please email

6. If your computer is lagging, ask the teacher in the chat if you can leave and come back to the meeting.

5. Let a teacher know if he or she is frozen, if you can't see their PowerPoint, or if you can't hear them.

4. Any trouble with logging in or not having access to Teams, O365, or other school applications, can be solved by going to any OPS school and logging onto your laptop using the school's internet. This doesn't have to be Buffett, any close school works. All schools are on the same network. If this does not fix the issue, email

3. If you have no calendar invites from teachers, go to Teams through the waffle in your email account and check there for the calendar events. Then email the teacher if you don't see them there either.

2. If you have physical damage to your laptop you will need to fill out a Laptop Support form on the website. Those problems require tickets to be fixed.

1. When cameras or mic aren't working, try to redownload TEAMS off the internet. See the link below.

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