Barons Baseball

April 2016

West Virginia

The team finished the week with a 4-2 record. The weather allowed us to practice and improve throughout the week. Some picture highlights below thanks to Dan Judd!

Pancake Breakfast

The annual pancake breakfast is taking place Sunday April 17th from 8-10 am at Applebee's in Pittsford. The boys will be serving and cleaning during those hours (with a little time to eat as well). Please spread the word and be sure the boys (freshman-varsity) get their tickets sold.


We talk a bunch about nutrition with our team. These slides are from a talk I heard back in January given by Rachel Balkovec who is currently one of the strength and conditioning coordinators of the Houston Astros. The first thing she tells young players is to clean up their eating habits. Before lifting, training or anything else. If your diet is bad then you will not reach your potential.

The next slide is what she recommends to players for quick snacks to have on hand. These would be good to have after school before heading out to a ball game, practice or if there is a double header.

Water is the only beverage of choice.

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All team schedules can be seen on the rschools website at: Just follow the prompts once you are there.

JV opens at home on Monday 4:30 start vs. Arcadia and varsity has its home opener at the Buck at 7 pm on Monday.

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